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Components of the FLX-SLS

The components of the FLX-TLS Material Guidance System for SAP® enable simple implementation and administration of the system. Physical changes of routes, new transport resources or roll-outs to other locations can be easily carried out using the existing tools.

Through the integration into SAP the existing system can continue to be used for the Material Guidance System. The application on mobile devices is user-friendly and does not depend on any specific hardware. Besides, it can easily be adapted to individual needs, using the available design tool. This makes the application easy for both business users and IT.



The planning tool (Route Optimizer) is a Java application with which it is possible to define the routes and its characteristics, based on a special map of the warehouse. The planning tool transfers the defined routes directly into SAP® and is therefore the heart of the FLX-TLS Material Guidance System. With the Route Optimizer, warehouse planning is carried out quickly and easily. It is graphically defined which vehicles are allowed to drive on which routes. Nodes and routes are visually displayed. In addition, the calculation of the shortest distances and routes takes place in the background and is communicated directly to SAP®.



FAG STAPLERLEITSYSTEM AUFTRAGSANLAGEThe assignment for an order, that is to be transported by a vehicle, is created either automatically (for example, a transport order is created for confirmation via CO11n) or manually. To do this, the operator uses the request dialog with which he can, for example, order empty containers or new materials. This ensures that material can be requested from SAP stock (MM or WM) as well as from a buffer store ("WIP warehouse").



The optimization core ensures that the route instructions are assigned to the approppriate vehicles according to priority. The calculation is based on various priorities (e.g. waiting time, due date, empty run, ...). This ensures that the FLX-TLS Material Guidance System is always adjusted to the individual goals of the customer.




The assignment of transfer orders in the TLS is carried out by the SAP Cockpit, usually located within the office. There the pending internal transports are assigned to the corresponding resources (e.g. pallet truck, electric forklift, ...) and the transport order pool is formed. Especially important transport orders can be assigned a higher priority manually. When processing transfer orders, the cockpit can also be used to control if problems occur during transportation processing.



The transport orders are displayed to the forklift driver on a special forklift terminal or barcode scanner. The processing of the transports is based on its priority.
After a transport order has been entered, the driver is shown the right location where the current order is to be stored. After placing the current transport order at its destination, the next order is assigned. This route-optimized assignment reduces the number of empty runs to a minimum.



Numerous possibilities for evaluation are available, which can be accessed via dashboards or as apps.
With dashboards, the relevant user-specific data (for example, key figures for workload, malfunction reports, or orders) can be neatly displayed and evaluated on screen.




  • Better traceability of the flow of goods
  • Higher occupancy of the fleet of forklifts
  • Dynamic control of tugger trains 
  • Reduced empty runs
  • Reduced control effort
  • No search times
  • High usability due to simplified design and scheme logic


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  FAG Flyer FLX TLS EN                                                                                                

  FAG Flyer Tugger Train control                                                                                             

  FAG RB FLX TLS ZF EN                                                                                                            

 Flyer FLX-TLS Material Guidance System for SAP Flyer FLX-RTZ Efficient Control of Tugger Trains  Reference Report Material Guidance System at ZF Friedrichshafen AG  


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FAG RB FLX TLS Brose EN                                                                                             


FAG RB FLX TLS MannHummel EN                                                                                                            

 Flyer Fact Sheet Material Guidance System for SAP Reference Report Material Guidance System at Brose Reference Report Material Guidance System at Mann+Hummel

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