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Efficient control of tugger trains with SAP®


The FLX-TLS Material Guidance System for SAP® contains a built-in tugger train control, which is directly integrated in SAP® ERP. The FLX-TLS optimizes the control and coordination of tugger trains in material supply and disposal. The optimization and control algorithms shorten the transport routes for material supply by calculating the best routes in advance. Historical data and the actual distance between the destinations are used in the planning of departure and time routes.



Most of the time, the use of tugger trains is based on a flexible number of trailers during the runs. That is why in addition to optimized control, the FLX-TLS also takes trailer management into account. In this way, the current location, the load status and the respective content of the trailer can be managed with the FLX-TLS. The system displays the loading of the tugger train trailers with containers, registers trailer types with different loading capacities and assigns them to the respective route. The software takes the different loading into account as well as unloading processes on the route over the course of time. Orders are calculated directly in SAP®, depending on the working time model, breaks, planned times and much more. The tugger train control enables the customer to plan fixed, dynamic and permanent routes for the tugger trains. The scheduled orders are visualized in a clear cockpit; via that cockpit they can also be edited with regard to sequence and assignment. The transport orders are assigned to the tugger train driver in such a way that the right order is processed by the right employee at the right time.



  • Planning for optimal utilization and timing of tugger trains
  • Reduction of empty runs
  • Production supply and disposal is guaranteed throughout the entire process
  • Different tugger train models (dynamic, static, ...) are made possible and can be combined
  • Transport of different load carriers via one solution
  • Complex capacity planning
  • Integration of the PP layer model
  • Direct integration into SAP®

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