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Fields of application for FLX-TLS

The FLX-TLS Material guidance system offers flexible application scenarios within corporate logistics. Depending on the requirements, certain parts of the company or the complete intralogistics are incorporated into the FLX-TLS. In addition, the various application scenarios for increasing the efficiency of material transport are taken into account. In the following, example scenarios are listed, including customer requirements and the corresponding implemented solution.



Customer requirements (example scenario):

  • Management via a central forklift fleet
  • High flexibility regarding the supply and waste removal of the production
  • Possibility to request forklifts via driving order directly via SAP®
  • Central and computer-controlled WIP warehouse (Work-In-Process)
  • WIP warehouse management with own logic for storage, retrieval and relocation

Implementation of the requirements:

  • Use of the FLX-TLS Material Guidance System
  • Requesting the forklift by a transport order
  • Automatic driving order generation on completion of a production order
  • Automatic transport order generation when packaging material is required
  • Introduction of the FLX-WIP warehouse management system, so material that is not yet managed as stock in SAP® can be stored and retrieved exactly where it is needed



Customer requirements (example scenario):

  • Direct integration into the existing SAP® ERP
  • Multi-stage material flow processes over several halls, production and storage areas
  • Interim storage in different areas on the factory premises
  • Avoidance of interfaces within the data flow
  • Container and trailer control

Implementation of the requirements:

  • Use of the Material Guidance System
  • Complete implementation of FLX-TLS in a short time frame
  • Use of the additional modules such as container management and trailer inspection
  • Integration of different forklifts and trailers with different load capacities
  • Target group-oriented training concept for employees
  • Centralisation of the intralogistics fleet



Customer requirements (example scenario):

  • Direct integration into the existing SAP® ERP
  • Optimization of the material flow between incoming and outgoing goods
  • Paperless distribution of transport orders via a central pool
  • Restriction of the delivery documents to be processed at the same time
  • Visualization of the current progress of the respective orders
  • Minimization of distances travelled
  • Relief of resources (e.g. narrow aisle stackers)

Implementation of the requirements:

  • Use of the FLX-TLS material guidance system, accessing SAP® directly
  • Clear division of labour:
    • Narrow-aisle stackers in the high-bay warehouse take over the storage and retrieval operations
    • Avoidance of aisle changes, no control of the racking aisle by two/several narrow-aisle stackers
  • Definition of special zones for pallet transfer
  • Parallel picking using forklifts
  • Double play due to combination of inward and outward storage
  • Combination of retrieval and labelling



  • Better traceability of the flow of goods
  • Higher utilisation of the forklift fleet
  • Dynamic control of tugger trains
  • Reduced empty runs
  • Reduced control effort
  • No search times
  • High usability due to simplified design and system logic

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  FAG Flyer FLX TLS EN                                                                                                

  FAG Flyer Tugger Train control                                                                                             

  FAG RB FLX TLS ZF EN                                                                                                            

 Flyer FLX-TLS Material Guidance System for SAP Flyer FLX-RTZ Efficient Control of Tugger Trains  Reference Report Material Guidance System at ZF Friedrichshafen AG  


FAG Fact Sheet FLX TLS                                                                                                


FAG RB FLX TLS Brose EN                                                                                             


FAG RB FLX TLS MannHummel EN                                                                                                            

 Flyer Fact Sheet Material Guidance System for SAP Reference Report Material Guidance System at Brose Reference Report Material Guidance System at Mann+Hummel

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