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Simple control of semi-automatic high-level order pickers with SAP®

Oftentimes, for the maximum utilisation of the available space, goods are stored in high racks. In the aisles between the rack rows, high-level order pickers are used to store, retrieve and transfer the goods. The challenge of using high-bay warehouses is the semi-automatic or automatic management and control of the vehicles using SAP®.
Truck manufacturers usually offer driver assistance systems for the semi-automatic navigation of high-bay warehouses (e.g. OptiSpeed from STILL). It calculates the optimal approach with regard to speed and fork height to the given target position.



The time-consuming and error-prone manual input of the desired target position is no longer required due to the direct integration of the OptiSpeed software into the FLX-TLS. The FLX-TLS coordinates the starting position and the destination of high-level order pickers based on the assigned driving jobs.



When the OptiSpeed interface is connected, the (semi-)automatic control of the STILL high-level order stacker is controlled. Installed on a termin on the stacker, the FLX-JMobileClient is connected to SAP®. The user can process driving jobs via a mobile dialogs, which the TLS automatically assigns to him/her according to various optimisation algorithms. The transport orders are generated directly from the existing SAP WM transport orders. The driving orders are displayed to the driver directly on his/her terminal. The displayed starting points and storage locations are transmitted to the vehicle and the high-bay stacker drives automatically or semi-automatically to the destination. An optimized driving cycle to the targeted storage location is also taken into account.



A big advantage using the FLX-TLS consists of the predefined driving cycle in longitudinal and height direction between the shelf, which has been optimised with regard to speed and safety. This allows more picks in the same time. In addition, the employee no longer has to concentrate on navigating and driving the storage location. Another major advantage of the optimized driving circle and the use of a navigation system is the reduction of incorrect picking and incorrect storaging. The system reduces incorrect storage and retrieval to a minimum, thus reducing time-consuming and costly searching to a minimum.



  • Better traceability of the flow of goods
  • Higher utilisation of the forklift fleet
  • Dynamic control of tugger trains
  • Reduced empty runs
  • Reduced control effort
  • No search times
  • High usability due to simplified design and system logic

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  FAG Flyer FLX TLS EN                                                                                                

  FAG Flyer Tugger Train control                                                                                             

  FAG RB FLX TLS ZF EN                                                                                                            

 Flyer FLX-TLS Material Guidance System for SAP Flyer FLX-RTZ Efficient Control of Tugger Trains  Reference Report Material Guidance System at ZF Friedrichshafen AG  


FAG Fact Sheet FLX TLS                                                                                                


FAG RB FLX TLS Brose EN                                                                                             


FAG RB FLX TLS MannHummel EN                                                                                                            

 Flyer Fact Sheet Material Guidance System for SAP Reference Report Material Guidance System at Brose Reference Report Material Guidance System at Mann+Hummel

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