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Work-in-process (WIP) Inventory Management in SAP®

The continuous material supply of machines as part of the production process represents a significant success factor for production-oriented companies. In production, however, overcapacities of means of transport are increasingly being held in reserve in order to be able to manage urgent material movements quickly by acclamation or at sight.



In the SAP® WM/PP standard, effective stock management of intermediate stocks in production, so-called WIP material (work-in-process), is not possible. The management of WIP stocks in SAP® is particularly necessary and sensible for companies with multi-level production. In the course of the various production steps, the semifinished products are temporarily stored in WIP warehouses. The WIP stocks cannot be managed in the SAP system and therefore represent a "black box". This results in high costs, since the suitable materials and any required containers must first be found.

One solution is the FLX-WIP warehouse management. With this it is possible to store and remove materials that are not yet stocked in the SAP® warehouse. The solution is based on mobile applications, which can be used on mobile barcode scanners as well as on forklift terminals, independent of the end device. The only prerequisite for the introduction of WIP warehouse management is the definition of the WIP warehouse structures and their mapping in SAP®.



The solution can also be seamlessly integrated into the FLX-TLS for SAP®. The FLX-TLS coordinates the supply of material to workstations, the transfer of processed material to the next workstation or the supply and disposal of loading aids or additional materials.

The system guarantees the control of the material flow in all production areas. The TLS is particularly suitable for customers with complex production processes and a high number of production stages who also want to have information security about stocks in production. The driving orders are distributed to the available means of transport via technologies like WLAN or UMTS. The orders are then processed onto the forklift terminals or mobile. Algorithms are used which enable a reduction of empty runs of up to 30%. Procedures such as calculating the shortest distance, double play and round train themes are taken into account in the software by assigning optimal routes.



The process of storing goods from production into the WIP warehouse is supported by a mobile application. The employee selects the transaction from the menu and starts scanning the confirmation numbers. This is done by the use of bar codes on the containers.



The employee selects the transaction in the mobile menu. First, the removal confirmation is scanned or entered using the keyboard. The system then identifies the WIP storage location where the goods have been put away. Finally the system displays the location and show the number of containers



  • Better traceability of the flow of goods
  • Higher utilisation of the forklift fleet
  • Dynamic control of tugger trains
  • Reduced empty runs
  • Reduced control effort
  • No search times
  • High usability due to simplified design and system logic


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  FAG Flyer FLX TLS EN                                                                                                

  FAG Flyer Tugger Train control                                                                                             

  FAG RB FLX TLS ZF EN                                                                                                            

 Flyer FLX-TLS Material Guidance System for SAP Flyer FLX-RTZ Efficient Control of Tugger Trains  Reference Report Material Guidance System at ZF Friedrichshafen AG  


FAG Fact Sheet FLX TLS                                                                                                


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FAG RB FLX TLS MannHummel EN                                                                                                            

 Flyer Fact Sheet Material Guidance System for SAP Reference Report Material Guidance System at Brose Reference Report Material Guidance System at Mann+Hummel

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