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Yard Management for SAP®

The yard control system for SAP® enables the coordinated control of ramp disposition and gate handling.

The FLX-Yard Management solution supports the process handling from the registration of the truck at the gate to the loading and unloading up to the exit from the factory premises.

The current unloading status and the position of the transport are directly monitored and controlled via a cockpit.





The arriving trucks are registered directly via a fast entry mask in SAP® and registered for goods receipt or dispatch.

The driver receives a registration certificate, via which he can be unmistakably assigned to an SAP transport and processed. In the next step, the shipments are dispatched to the appropriate loading ramp. In this way, registered shipments are directly identifiable via status tracking.

The incoming and outgoing shipments are controlled and assigned to the available loading ramps by drag & drop.The assignment of the loading and unloading orders is carried out by the integrated forklift/transport control system to the industrial trucks in a resource-optimised manner. By combining the stacker/transport control system with the yard control system, you can benefit from the synergies of the two SAP add-ons. In addition, the mobile solutions from the MOBILFLEX.NET series can also be implemented for posting incoming goods in order to map the complete material flow in SAP®. The mobile solutions include, for example, the mobile booking of incoming goods, production and dispatch.

The allocation of driving orders to the forklift fleet is carried out directly from the web-based FLX-Yard Control. The driver is called to the factory premises via SMS or pager.



With the yard guidance system the ramp and gate handling is completely documented in SAP®. The focus of the lean solution is the simplification of the ramp and gate handling and the coordinated control of the trucks. The yard control system supports the process handling from the registration of the truck at the gate via the loading/unloading up to the exit from the factory premises. This makes SAP Yard Management quick and easy to manage.

Advantages of the Yard Management solution for SAP® at a glance:

  • Planning of an even ramp distribution
  • Reduction of truck waiting times
  • Seamless documentation of the entire plant traffic in SAP®
  • Lean SAP solution ensures rapid implementation
  • Coordinated truck feed control
  • Optimized entry and exit control of truck traffic on the factory premises
  • Increase of the handling speed
  • Direct integration into SAP®



FLX-Yard Management maps the entire flow of goods in connection with incoming and outgoing transports in SAP®. The employees have a web-based cockpit at their disposal.

Application areas of the Yard Management solution for SAP® at a glance:

  • Time window planning
  • Optimized entry and exit control of truck traffic
  • Self-registration of arriving trucks at the gate
  • Integration Terminal, SAP EWM, WM
  • Resource-optimized assignment of loading and unloading orders
  • Plant layout planning
  • Pager-controlled truck coordination
  • Optimised transport distribution to the loading ramps



The interface for the connection of the radio network provider e*message to SAP®, in conjunction with the yard control system, ensures coordinated truck feed control.
With the yard control system for SAP®, the complete recording of the goods movements within the factory premises takes place and the ramp and gate processing is made more transparent. In addition, the solution offers the responsible department all possibilities to monitor the current status of the flow of goods and to optimally plan the truck inflow control through the combined use of pagers and the SAP® cockpit.

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