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Flexus Mobile Browser

With the development of the Flexus Mobile Browser, Flexus was able to develop another innovative add-on for SAP Fiori clients. The pioneering solution enables extended application areas that are particularly interesting for logistics. Digitalization continues to increase, in the course of which old technologies are replaced by new ones. For example, the end of support for the Windows CE, Embedded and Mobile systems was announced for January 2020. Many older devices used in logistics run on this system, which has been in use since the 1990s - the new Flexus Mobile Browser now offers a future-oriented solution for logistics.



The new Flexus Mobile Browser is the industry browser designed for application scenarios in logistics, field service and production. Developed for Android devices (Android 4.1.1) it can be used on devices with or without touch screens. Furthermore, it is ideally designed for the use of Android devices (handhelds and tablets) in combination with SAP® and SAP Fiori Apps, but also ITSmobile.



Camera use
Integration of hardware functions:

  • Camera function
  • Signature function
  • Light and sound control

Keyboard and cursor control
Automatic insertion of the corrected keyboard, e.g.

  • Numeric
  • Alphanumeric

Sap Fiori & ITS mobile
Use with

  • SAP Fiori
  • ITS Mobile

Kiosk mode

  • Opening the Flexus Mobile Browser immediately when the device (handheld, terminal, smartphone ...) is put into operation.

Using the full screen

  • Training of superimposed start- and navigation bars
  • More space for the actual application

NFC Login

  • Contactless registration of employees in the system
  • Time-efficient and intuitive operation



The add-on offers many new features, which include their advantages especially in the field of logistics and production:

  • Hardware functions of the device can be used, something that is not usually possible when using the normal browser. By using the Flexus solution, the camera of the device can now be accessed, for example for scanning processes. Thus a booking can be made directly at the place of the event. Also features like Text-2-Speech and signature function are posible.
  • Since the devices in logistics and similar scenarios are often used by several different employees, the so-called kiosk mode was integrated. This offers a decisive advantage: The selection of the apps to be seen from the start can be restricted manually. Alternatively, a direct start of the Flexus Mobile Browser is possible.
  • When using the Flexus solution, the entire device screen can also be used, as the status and navigation bars characteristic of Android can now be hidden by the innovative browser.
  • The automatic selection of keyboards is particularly convenient for employees. The appropriate keyboard is displayed according to the input field, so that, for example, only a numeric keyboard is displayed for fields that only require numeric values.
  • Roll-out via device management systems is also supported.



Since SAP® has already announced that applications will increasingly be handled device-independently via the web browser system, the Flexus Mobile Browser offers the ideal technology, which is already being used successfully by our customers. The Flexus Mobile Browser supports and optimizes internal processes along the entire supply chain.

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