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Simple inventory execution in SAP MM / WM

Regardless of whether it is a key date, permanent, sample inventory or Dynamic Cycle Counting, the FLX-MOBIL INVENTUR solution supports you throughout and leads to fast, cost-effective and transparent inventory execution in SAP®.
The SAP® inventory solution from Flexus focuses on faster and more transparent inventory counting and checking. Up to now, a lot of time was required for the recording of the inventory on paper lists and for the subsequent entering of data into the SAP® system. The combined solution of mobile dialogs for inventory counting and the document manager for postprocessing and checking saves an enormous amount of time.

The solutions for simple and efficient inventory execution are based on the SAP® standard. They are no middleware solutions, but directly connected to the SAP system online and can reduce the number of errors to a minimum through advanced validations.
With the Inventory Document Manager you have the possibility to process the complete inventory counts with an SAP addon. You can select according to certain criteria, summarize multiple counted materials on a data record and carry out extensive checks of the counted materials.
After the inventory counts have been checked, the inventory documents are created using the SAP® standard system.



  • Voucherless inventories using the SAP® standard system
  • Free and managed SAP® inventory
  • Simplified zero quantity control
  • Direct field checks from SAP®
  • Counting the material stock over several storage locations
  • Convenient quantity conversions
  • Inventory for SAP MM / SAP WM / SAP EWM
  • Integration of SAP® standard transactions


Inventory process steps

During the inventory count, the employee receives a mobile data recording device with scanner and carries out his counts directly online in the system. The recorded counts are then recorded in the document manager and from there posted directly to the SAP® system and the inventory documents are created.

Enter SAP inventory count

There are two different entries for the online inventory count for SAP MM / WM: In free inventory, the employee choses, in which order he/she wants to count the material. In the case of managed inventory, the materials to be counted are displayed to the employee in the correct sequence as a worklist on his or her mobile data recording device. The data to be recorded can be captured via barcode, RFID, voice input or keyboard input. Field checks from the SAP® standard are activated and are communicated via the message line on the mobile device. Any discrepancies are thus cleared up promptly.

Checking and Postprocessing SAP Inventory Counts

The document manager is a convenient SAP® cockpit for planning, monitoring, controlling and evaluating the annual inventory. It offers convenient functions for postprocessing the recorded inventory counts. For example, materials that have been counted several times can be summarized on one count record. The evaluation functions of the document manager offer a multitude of standards for analyzing and preparing the inventory results. Once the checks have been carried out, the physical inventory documents can be created in the SAP® system and the counts posted and updated.



Process Steps in Offline Inventory

The mobile client for offline inventory recording is installed on the mobile device. The employee carries out the inventory counts within the warehouse. The recorded inventory counts are saved locally on the device. After the counting process has been completed, the counts are transferred manually to SAP®.

Enter SAP® Inventory Count Offline

When the mobile data acquisition device is started, a connection to SAP must be available (if test data is to be loaded). The employee makes the entries and saves them locally on the device. After counting, the bar code scanner is connected to a cradle on the computer and the data is transferred to SAP® using a special upload program.

Checking and Postprocessing SAP® Inventory Counts

The counts transferred with the uploader are checked in the document manager. In the document manager, the recorded data can again be processed with the standard functions of online inventory recording (e.g. compressing counts, creating inventory documents, ...).



  • Reduced recounts due to illegible handwriting
  • Transposed digits in material count are reduced by scanning
  • Employee receives success or error message directly after entry
  • Support of various SAP® inventory procedures (key date inventory, permanent inventory, cycle counting, and sample inventory)
  • Counts entered can be checked before posting
  • Can be used at Inventory Management Level MM-IM and Warehouse Management Level LE-WM
  • WIP inventory in production


  • Mobile recording of inventory counts at inventory management and warehouse management level
  • Execution of the WIP inventory in production
  • Free or guided inventory entry possible
  • Can be used for SAP MM and SAP WM inventory entries
  • Postprocessing and control of the recorded inventory counts
  • Summarizing Multiple Counted Materials
  • Create inventory documents
  • Trigger recounts
  • Verification of data collected offline
  • Loading Offline Data in the Document Manager
  • Execution of inventory for material in the production supply area
  • SAP® inventory count can be done with several employees at the same time
  • SAP® inventory documents asset only after check / comparison of the largest differences in the desired scope
  • No connection to the SAP system (e.g. external warehouse is to be counted)
  • Counting materials in different locations within a storage location
  • Counting of large areas by several employees


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