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5 steps to fully dynamic tugger train control with SAP

Fully dynamic tugger train control for SAP

Simply explained in 5 steps

Tugger trains are largely used on the basis of average transport requirements and thus fixed routes and departure times are defined. However, internal processes, especially in the area of production and warehouse management, are subject to high and short-term fluctuations.
You can counteract these with the fully dynamic tugger train control for SAP, as transport orders are generated taking into account the current situation in the plant.
In addition, these are checked in real time and adjusted if necessary. Your departure times and routes are thus controlled completely dynamically. A fluctuating order load can thus be counteracted with scheduling in or out.

travel distances

empty runs




Increase Delivery

Tugger train control now even easier!

By integrating the new MARK display from ProGlove, you can additionally optimize your processes around tugger train control. "Hands-free" scanning processes accelerate and facilitate the unloading and loading process of the tugger train enormously.

1. Take into account plant layout and warehouse structure.

Routenzugsteuerung Werkslayout

Flexus Route Optimizer defines routes and directions based on your CAD plant layout. You can also define pick-up and delivery points. On the other hand, you do not have to define fixed routes. The link to your SAP system is stored at the individual nodes.

2. Creation of the driving orders & optimization of the journeys by heuristics

The transport task pool for your tugger trains is automatically filled directly from SAP (triggered directly from your SAP MM, WM, EWM, PP system, from external MFS systems or manual creation).

The integrated heuristic optimizes your tugger trains holistically. Your routes are optimized taking into account your resources, your plant data and your transport order data.

Routenzugsteuerung Heuristik

3. Visualization of live operation in the dashboard

Routenzugsteuerung Dashboard
Your fully dynamic tours and start times can be seen live in the cockpit and can be edited manually if necessary. If required, you can display individual tours with regard to the different actions (attaching, loading, trips, unloading, ...). 
An additional tour animation visualizes the respective routes for better traceability.

4. Live deployment on tugger trains with mobile apps or with partially/fully automated tugger trains

On the SAP Fiori mobile apps, subsequent actions are displayed to your driver. The next actions and destinations are intuitively visualized and material pick-ups/drop-offs are confirmed directly via the app. (Combination with MAR Display from ProGlove)

Routenzugsteuerung ProGlove

5. Permanent improvement through integrated KPIs

Routenzugsteuerung KPI

Different key figures enable you to directly identify possible challenges and to enter improvements. You can now directly answer questions about delivery reliability, capacity utilization, number of tours driven, reported faults with the tugger train control for SAP.


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Author - Tobias Heubeck
Author - Tobias HeubeckHead of Sales and Marketing

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