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Maintenance for SAP with Adobe Interactive Forms

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Expand and simplify your maintenance process

Maintenance with Adobe Interactive Forms is an extension of our maintenance solution for SAP. With this, it is now also possible for you to create maintenance notifications and enter confirmations via PDF. These are generated and integrated directly in SAP! This means that complicated SAP transactions and notifications by phone or mail are no longer necessary. Instead, an intuitive PDF with a high degree of automation is sufficient to participate in the maintenance process. You can cover the following scenarios with the enhancement in the maintenance process:


Scenario 1: Create a maintenance notification without SAP access

Using an interactive PDF form, which is created and designed according to your ideas in LifeCycle Designer, employees can create a new notification. Within this form, employees enter various data relevant to the maintenance process. For example, contact data of the corresponding person, information about the position of the machine in the plant and information about the problem. In addition, images can be uploaded to the form to make it easier to identify the problem.

Once the PDF form has been completed, it is sent directly to the SAP system by mail and a new maintenance notification is created. Here, the recipient and subject are already pre-populated to make the process as easy as possible for the notifier and to avoid errors.

If the notification is successfully created in SAP, the employee receives a confirmation with his notification number by mail. An integrated error management system also ensures that possible errors in the system are reported to the responsible team, who can then revise the message manually accordingly. 




PDF design and creation

The PDF is created with the LifeCycle Designer and can be equipped with arbitrary data

Fill in message data in PDF

For message system, the generated PDF can be edited by your employees

Mail dispatch to the SAP system

By sending the mail automatically, the contents of the PDF document are reported to the SAP system.

Message system in SAP

The successful message can be seen in the message overview.

Scenario 2: Entering confirmations via PDF

Your employees can now also use PDF documents in the course of order confirmation. At the beginning of the workday, the worklist for the day can be downloaded as a PDF from SAP. These orders can then be processed offline during the course of the day and information on working time, work equipment and a description of the solution can be noted directly in the PDF document. At the end of the working day, a synchronization in SAP is sufficient for successful confirmation. 

You then have two options:Either the documents are uploaded manually to your SAP system or, as already described in scenario 1, they are sent by mail to the SAP system and a confirmation is created automatically. In this way, confirmations can now also be created without an SAP user.

You are interested in a maintenance solution or you are already using our Flexus solution and would like to extend it with the new function? Feel free to contact us - our colleagues will answer your questions.we look forward to the mutual exchange.



Digression: What is Adobe Interactive Forms?

Adobe Interactive Forms allows you to create interactive forms in PDF format. The user can fill in the data directly in the form. Via upload or direct sending to a central SAP email address, the data is automatically processed and corresponding postings are triggered in the SAP system.

This offers the following advantages:

  • Easy design creation of forms
  • SAP values and data can be stored fixed or for selection directly
  • Data can be entered offline (online connection then only necessary for mail dispatch)
  • Existing hardware can be used
  • Central SAP user for upload

Mailmonitor - Data in real time

Bild Mailmonitor

In addition, we offer you our specially developed mail monitor. This allows you to get information about incoming mails, their processing status as well as their booking. Thus, you can see at any time which messages have been received via PDF and in which processing status they are. With a simple click, you can now open the order associated with the mail and the corresponding PDF.

Benefit from the advantages of the Mailmonitor

Filter your mail according to corresponding mail types such as the attachment and confirmation within maintenance. You are also guaranteed a status insight into relevant key figures. This status can be updated with a click. For example, you can change a processed order from "in trouble" to "corrected". Furthermore, you can also manually load documents into the system and thus, for example, avoid upload errors in the mail dispatch.


Do you have any questions or would you like further information? Contact us, our experts will be happy to advise you.

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