IoT-Initiative of Flexus AG with Würzburg students of the FHWS for automated intralogistics

In intralogistics, the digital transformation is taking place successively in all areas. Not only in the warehouse, but also in production, more and more companies are relying on digitalization and automation.

In this context the Würzburger Flexus AG and the Giebelstädter SSI Schäfer Automation GmbH have decided to cooperate with students of the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg Schweinfurt.



The common project from students of the faculties computer science and business informatics and the intralogistic experts of both companies is part of the IoT initiative ("Internet of Things") of the Flexus AG. On the basis of SAP Fiori technology students develop a mobile app, which automatically supplies and controls the automated guided vehicle system WEASEL® of the company SSI Schäfer Automation GmbH with transport orders from SAP®. Driverless transport systems are already being used in automated factories today and represent an alternative to traditional forklifts in the age of Industry 4.0.

Flexus AG as one of the market leaders in the optimization of SAP® intralogistics and the SSI Schäfer as a worldwide leading solution provider for intralogistic products and systems support the students with the long-time experience from numerous intralogistic projects in the implementation of the IoT initiative. Based on the expert knowledge of both companies, the results achieved by the students refine the processes around the control of automated guided vehicles with SAP®. In addition, the companies offer students the opportunity to gain valuable insights and experience as well as the chance to establish the important exchange between theory and practice. The results of the IoT project culminate in the "WEASEL Challenge".


Weasel Challenge Route

Within the framework of this Weasel Challenge, a defined course must be completed within the shortest possible time and with the best possible optimisation of the driving tasks with the AGVs. The students' programmed apps are used to control the WEASEL®. During the event, not only the students but also the experts from the two participating companies will be available to all interested parties to provide information on the topic of driverless transport systems and autonomous transport vehicles in Industry 4.0.





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