Logistics management with language assistance systems

Logistiksteuerung mit Sprachassistenzsystemen

The use of different language assistance systems such as Alexa, Siri or Cortana offers great potential for optimizing the internal material flows and processes of a company. 

When controlling internal logistics processes with the help of a language assistance system, the Flexus AG works together seamlessly with its partner Priotic GmbH. The start-up company Priotic has specialized among other things in the language assistance in the warehouse logistics. 




With the help of logistics analyses the two partners Flexus and Priotic show prospective customers the potential of innovative SAP-Addons like e.g. also the voice control, within the own intralogistics. With the Anlaysen much value is put on explaining the technology behind the system as well as the chances and risks exactly to the customers. "In this way we can make it clearer to the companies where they currently stand with their logistics and discuss where the journey should go", says Stefan Vogt, Managing Director of Priotic.

FAG Sprachsteuerung Dashboard

Language assistance systems can be used in a wide variety of areas to provide meaningful support for employees.

Those responsible for logistics can not only call up the current identification and stock figures of their area of responsibility by voice command, but can also directly control intralogistics processes by voice command (e.g. create transport orders or stock transfers).


Beside the voice control the product portfolio of the Priotic GmbH offers still many other modern technologies, as for example the use of an inventory drone or the use of various mobile applications for the intralogistics, which are implemented in close cooperation with the Flexus AG at the customers.


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