Yard management for SAP

The software for your yard
and ramp logistics

Top performance for your yard management with SAP

The yard control system for SAP enables the coordinated control of ramp scheduling and gate handling.

The yard management software supports you in the process from registering the truck at the gate to loading and unloading to exiting the factory premises. You can monitor and control the current unloading status and the position of the transport directly via a cockpit.

Your benefits at a glance

With the yard control system, your ramp and gate processing is completely documented in SAP. The focus of the innovative solution is the simplification of ramp and gate processing as well as the coordinated control of the trucks.

Uniform ramp distribution through yard management

Even ramp distribution

Reduced waiting times through yard management

Reduction of truck waiting times

Complete documentation with yard management

Complete documentation

Cross-departmental complete documentation of your entire works traffic in SAP®

Yard Management can be directly integrated into SAP

Direct integration into SAP®

Optimized real-time documentation with yard management

Optimized real-time documentation

Optimized entry and exit control of truck traffic on your factory premises

Yard Management increases processing speed

Increase in processing speed

Coordinated supply control

Coordinated truck supply control

Route optimization & reduction of empty runs

Optimized entry and exit control with yard management

Optimized entry and exit control

Optimized entry and exit control of truck traffic on your factory premises

Real-time container tracking on your factory premises

With the Flexus container tracking you have everything in view!

The position of your transported container is determined using a GPS sensor on the respective forklift. Additional properties such as the level of the container can be stored directly in SAP by the forklift driver.

The real-time tracking of the containers acts as a comprehensive interface between the yard management and the forklift guidance system. Combine both systems for a transparent material flow throughout your plant.

Truck feed control explained step by step

How the Yard Management solution for SAP® works

The arriving trucks are recorded directly in SAP via a fast entry mask and registered for goods receipt or shipping. The driver receives a registration slip with which he can be clearly assigned to a SAP transport, which can then be processed.

In the next step, the transports are scheduled at the appropriate loading ramp. Registered transports can be identified directly via status tracking. The control and assignment of the incoming and outgoing transports to the available loading ramps is done using drag & drop.

The allocation of the loading and unloading orders is carried out by the integrated transport control system in a resource-optimized manner to the industrial trucks. With the combination of transport guidance system and yard control system, you can optimally use the synergies of the two SAP add-ons.

In addition, you can implement the mobile SAP solutions for posting the goods receipt in order to map the entire material flow in SAP. The mobile solutions include, for example, the mobile posting of incoming goods, production and shipping. The assignment of driving orders to the forklift fleet takes place directly from the web-based FLX-Yard Control. The driver is called to your factory premises via SMS or pager.

Where the software shows its advantages in particular

Areas of application for your yard management solution for SAP

The FLX-Yard Management maps the entire flow of goods in connection with incoming and outgoing transports in SAP. A web-based cockpit is available to your employees.

But the solution can do even more:

  • Increased utilization and efficiency of your forklift fleet (between 15 – 35%)
  • Efficient and intuitive time slot planning
  • Pager controlled truck coordination
  • Optimized entry and exit control
  • Resource-optimized assignment of orders
  • Self-registration at the gate
  • Clear plant layout planning
  • Integration terminal, SAP EWM/WM
  • Real-time container tracking

The perfect match

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Example of a pager for SAP Yard Management

Integration of pagers for truck access control on your factory premises

The interface for connecting the radio network provider e*message to SAP, in conjunction with the yard control system, ensures coordinated truck access control.

The yard management software offers your responsible department all the options to monitor the current status of the flow of goods and to optimally plan the truck supply control through the combined use of pagers and SAP Cockpit.

Effective time slot management for your SAP logistics

In the Flexus time slot planning for SAP you get an overview of all existing registrations and their scheduling. It is possible to have messages sent to the driver of an order, assign orders to registered drivers or create orders with the Yard-SLS and save them directly in SAP.

Use the order list, the integrated calendar and the resource list of the Flexus time slot planning to control your yard and ramp management intuitively and effectively using drag & drop.

Time slot management with SAP Yard Management on a tablet

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