Visualize real-time data in 3D

Dynamic and transparent control
of SAP intralogistics in real time and 3D

Virtual Logistics - digital twin in logistics

For most people, VR glasses and 3D simulations are initially associated with entertainment media - but with Flexus, these and other technologies have already found their way into intralogistics.

Evaluation tools for the optimization of internal processes

Real-time analysis with live data directly from the SAP® system

Increased efficiency through targeted forecast planning

Training and education with virtual reality glasses (VR

Interactive and innovative process design in 3D

3D control station for holistic control of all processes


The basis is the real-time data obtained in SAP®. It allows resources such as forklifts, tugger trains or automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs) to be optimized and the internal material flow to be made more efficient.
Based on a 2D map a 3D-image of the corresponding area is created by the tool of Flexus. All further calculations are based on this map. By means of Deep Learning approaches optimization potentials can be recognized early and be finally converted also profitably.

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