Material Guidance System

Modular solution for controlling forklifts, tugger trains and
automated guided vehicles

Material Guidance System for SAP - Optimization of all internal transports

In contrast to conventional material guidance system, which primarily optimize processes in sub-areas of logistics, the FLX-TLS represents a holistic approach for cross-departmental control and route optimization of the material flow.

This results in an optimization of times, routes and distribution of transport orders, which also has an effect on the entire intralogistics.

Get informed now about the functionality, the components and extensions of the material guidance system of Flexus AG.


The FLX-TLS material guidance system not only enables simple and transparent control of the forklift fleet - the system takes into account all existing resources that are necessary for the material flow in a company:

  • Forklift
  • High bay forklift
  • Tugger trains
  • automated guided vehicle systems
  • Employees with mobile devices
  • Internal truck traffic

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  • Warehouse (WM transport orders or EWM warehouse tasks)

  • Production (PP confirmations or production orders)

  • Organisation (recyclables, empties, connection of external systems)

  • Collecting the individual areas in the FLX-TLS motion task pool

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  • Transport orders are distributed to all existing vehicles via the FLX-TLS transport order pool

  • Distribution is based on set priorities and takes into account restrictions such as weight, ranges or pallet type

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  • Traceability of the material guaranteed at all times

  • Efficient control of the means of transport

  • Transparent inventory management

  • Optimized distribution of transport orders

  • Path optimization of the material flow

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Interface to SAP EWM & SAP WM

How is TLS now integrated into the existing system landscape? There are various possibilities for this, which should cover all customer requirements.

Probably the most common case is to use an ERP system and a decentralized EWM. In this scenario the TLS can be installed on the ERP. The EWM is then connected via so-called logical systems. At the same time, all modules of the ERP system can remain connected.

Thus the FLX-TLS offers integrated interfaces to the SAP standard modules. This also includes various integration options (Reports, UserExit, etc.) and the integration of the modules SAP MM (Material Management), WM (Warehouse Management), PP (Production), SD (Shipping), EWM (extended WarehouseManagement) and PM (Maintenance).

An integration is particularly suitable for existing customers who are already using TLS and are planning to introduce a new EWM. But of course also for new customers who are already using EWM and continue to work with WM in certain areas, for example.


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