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SAP mobile app solutions for improved data collection

Are you looking for optimization potential in your intralogistics? The mobile collection of your data offers many possibilities! SAP mobile apps reduce your sources of error and at the same time minimize the effort for your employees. Due to a permanent comparison with your SAP system, all data can be viewed in real time and can be flexibly evaluated.

Choose from over 200 ready-made solutions to make everyday work easier for your employees and to optimize your internal processes. Convince yourself of the advantages of mobile data collection for your SAP intralogistics!

Mobile apps for your SAP intralogistics

Integration of mobile data collection with SAP

Complete integration into SAP

Mobile SAP solutions with different end devices

Use different end devices

Own CI design for mobile data collection with SAP

Intuitively designed user interface with your corporate design

Mobile solutions with RFID technology

Reduce manual processes to a minimum by using barcode/RFID technology

Fast adaptation of mobile data collection with SAP

Quick adaptation to your circumstances

Fewer input errors thanks to mobile apps in SAP

Reduce input errors

Mobile data collection as a corporate solution

Use as a site/group solution

Don’t compromise use SAP for mobile devices!

The SAP mobile solution adapts individually to your needs

You have individual requirements – no problem! Due to the framework, the standardized mobile transactions can be flexibly and, above all, quickly adapted to your needs. The solution is also designed in such a way that it can be used throughout the group, even across national borders. If necessary and depending on the strength of your own IT department, you can also carry out such a roll-out yourself or draw on our expertise.

Framework – Customize your mobile SAP solution

The Flexus Framework controls the menu as well as the layout of your SAP mobile apps. Due to the framework, you can also make adjustments and individual requirements yourself and expand the solution modularly.

Templates – Across borders

The templates are specially designed for the global roll-out. With a central template, you can provide a uniform layout in different countries. In addition, all individual processes at your various locations are taken into account and adjusted.

Our mobile SAP apps for your intralogistics

The perfect match

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Keep the overview

Another advantage of SAP mobile solutions: The mobile apps can be used in all areas of your intralogistics. Choose for yourself which areas of incoming goods logistics, warehouse management, production and shipping are to be covered.

In addition to the mobile apps, you benefit from suitable and product-specific SAP consulting, process analyzes and optimization. Everything from a single source for your logistics!

Do you have questions about the hardware? We will also be happy to answer these for you in cooperation with long-standing partners.

Rely on experience and expertise

Our customers include small and medium-sized companies as well as global players. In every project we face new challenges and requirements. Our goal: A tailor-made solution for your concerns.

Mobile data collection with SAP through mobile apps

Design tuning for your RFUI dialogs

The layout designer for that special touch

With the Flexus layout designer for SAP EWM, you can adapt your SAP EWM RFUI dialogs perfectly to the devices you use.

Chic, user-oriented, easy to use

Throgh SAP for mobile applications your screens can be scaled and adapted to different devices with different operating systems and resolutions, but also for forklift terminals with just a few clicks. The existing SAP EWM technology for mobile applications – ITSmobile – is accessed. The layout designer uses this in the background.

Mobile SAP EWM apps for your intralogistics

The use of mobile apps in your SAP EWM intralogistics offers you a high degree of digitization and optimization. Sources of error can be avoided and the effort reduced. That means in detail:

By using mobile SAP EWM apps , your employees are intuitively guided through a wide variety of processes and supported in processing their tasks. Thanks to the direct comparison with the SAP system, the data can also be viewed in real time.

Both standard RFUI dialogs and Flexus’ own apps can be used. You can use these under SAP Fiori or ITSmobile.

Mobile SAP EWM apps

FlexView: Our whitepaper in interview format

You want to optimize your mobile strategy for SAP EWM?

In our whitepaper in the interview format “FlexView” you will learn from our ABAP Developer (Mobile) Roland Fakesch how your mobile strategy for SAP EWM will not be an adventure and how we can significantly increase your productivity, optimize processes and minimize errors by using modern mobile applications.

The best proof of optimized processes

Mobile solutions in use by our customers

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Deutschland GmbH relies on mobile SAP apps

Mobile warehouse logistics at Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum GmbH

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SAP for mobile devices provides you with unlimited possibilities for your intralogistics

Benefit from the wide range of functions of the mobile SAP apps

Based on many years of experience in the field of mobile SAP solutions, a large number of mobile transactions have been created for all logistical processes: from goods receipt to ordering, through production and quality management to goods issue and the delivery note.

You can use the mobile solutions on classic MDE terminals with barcode scanners or RFID readers. The SAP applications can also be used on mobile tablet PCs, smartphones or forklift terminals.

We also offer a range of apps for smartphones for key figure analysis, error handling or process information. These enable you to view current status messages.

We offer you a large selection of ready-made mobile transactions for SAP MM-IM, SAP LE-WM and SAP EWM. As a result, above all, paths, paper printouts and sources of error are significantly reduced. The storage processes include B. Goods receipt, posting changes, storage, palletizing.

You can map your complete SAP shipping process with our mobile solutions for SAP. Starting with the picking of orders through to the processing of transports. The simple and fast posting directly in SAP is always in the foreground. It is also possible for you to integrate the Flexus packing table solution in shipping in order to optimize not only picking but also package or pallet shipping.

The recording of the inventory counts on paper lists and the subsequent recording in the SAP system takes too much time? The combination of mobile SAP transactions for inventory counting and the document manager for post-processing and control saves you a lot of time. The solutions for simple and efficient inventory management are based on the SAP standard and are not middleware solutions.

Your processes require labels to be printed? Be it when goods are received or when storing, retrieving or relocating, stationary and mobile printers have to be connected in many processes. The connection of the printer control is also possible via the Flexus portfolio. This includes the label design, SAP forms and the integration of external labels (e.g. from CEP service providers).

Numerous evaluation and reporting options for the mobile processes are available in the Flexus Standard. These include e.g. B. fault management or messaging apps. The evaluations can be called up both on your mobile devices and on stationary computers. Use standard dashboards here, which you can customize as you wish.

Support the SAP® production process with mobile devices and the mobile solutions specially developed for this purpose. By using mobile solutions in production, your employees can book process steps directly on site. Numerous ready-made transactions are available for this purpose, e.g. B. Production order confirmation, repetitive manufacturing confirmation, set kanban status, display, confirm and many more.

Within your warehouse processes, there are always quality checks. The various quality checks are maintained in the material master data and triggered automatically. Are you currently entering the notifications manually via the PC in the SAP system? With the mobile apps, the corresponding inspection lot number and sample quantity are displayed when the goods are posted and can also be printed out directly.

The portfolio also offers numerous applications for container or HU management. These include e.g. B. the posting of mobile handling units, goods movements or the definition of container types. With the mobile SAP solutions, the handling units can be created and packed, labels can be printed out and clear information transactions can be carried out.

With the guided process support for maintenance, you can plan ahead, control in real time, reduce downtimes and increase productivity. Building on the SAP PM, we offer extensive extensions based on the SAP Fiori technology. This is how you support our applications with RFID, barcode scanning, cameras and signature capture.

Innovation for your success – TheFlex mobile browser for SAP

The new Theflex mobile browser for SAP is THE industry browser that is particularly suitable for application scenarios in logistics, in the field and in production. Developed for Android and iOS devices, it can be used both on devices with and without touch.

Furthermore, it is ideally designed for the use of Android devices (handhelds and tablets) in combination with SAP® and SAP Fiori apps, but also ITSmobile.

What’s behind it? Mobile SAP technologies

SAP Fiori and ITSMobile in comparison

The entire Flexus AG mobile solution portfolio is based on the framework for mobile SAP barcode solutions. This builds on the expert knowledge that has been built up since 1995 and integrates it into the overall concept. Based on your individual requirements, we offer you an overall strategy with a reasonable mix of technologies.

ITS mobile Application

ITS Mobile

The more than 200 ready-to-use mobile ITSmobile transactions for a wide range of applications (e.g. goods receipt, inventory, production confirmation) have the following advantage for you: Development continues to take place in the SAP standard programming language ABAP. Existing SAP know-how can also be used in this way.

For mobile use, the ABAP dialogs are generated as HTML applications using a special generator. The mobile device then calls up the HTML applications directly via a browser.

SAP mobile fiori app

SAP Fiori

More than 200 ready-to-use SAP Fiori apps meet your requirements in a wide variety of SAP logistics modules. The extensive range of functions optimizes your processes comprehensively.

Simple adjustments to customer-specific processes are made possible by the customizing that is supplied as standard with the Flexus Framework. The solutions are designed in such a way that they can be used efficiently both with and without the HANA Cloud Platform.

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