Yard Management for SAP

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FlexYard: Bring clear structure and efficiency to your yard and plant logistics

Yard Management solutions such as FlexYard Management for SAP®, are fully comprehensive systems for yard management. This allows all processes from notification to truck exit to be digitally displayed, planned, coordinated and monitored.

From planning to long-term support

We as Flexus accompany and support you the whole way and beyond! Learn more about our conceptual solution approach here:

Most projects fail because of errors in planning. Therefore, essential careful planning for a successful project completion!

  • Individual preliminary consultation
  • Analysis of existing processes
  • Effort estimation
  • Analysis of all requirements
  • Analysis of existing software
  • Creation of a schedule

The choice of the most suitable yard management system significantly influences the scope of the project! Therefore, it should be taken with caution!

  • Workshops on the systems
  • Recommendation based on the analysis
  • Creation of an individual concept
  • Individual system consulting
  • Joint selection of the system
  • Joint acceptance of the concept

Every company is individual! That’s why we customize our systems specifically to your requirements – up to and including customer-specific development!

  • Planning changes to be made
  • Customizing the systems
  • Testing the customized system
  • Planning workshops
  • Customized development

Converting systems can be stressful! With experience and a pragmatic approach we accompany you on your way to a successful conclusion!

  • Installation of the new system
  • Go-Live of the product system
  • Hypercare
  • Migration of required legacy data
  • Joint acceptance of the system
  • Successful project completion

The journey does not end after the project is completed! We support you with individual hypercare during operation!

  • Customized support
  • 16/7 Accessibility
  • Personal contact

Find your perfect yard management solution with us and let us optimize your yard and plant logistics together!

FlexYard Management for SAP

Flexible, scalable, customizable – The FlexYard Management solution for SAP® adapts ideally to the size and requirements of your yard!

FlexYard Lean for SAP

Simple, fast, inexpensive – with the FlexYard Lean, small yards can be optimally managed!

SAP EWM Yard Management

SAP Standard, only better – full control for medium yards through the combination of SAP EWM Yard Management and individually customizable Flexus Add-Ons!

SAP Yard Logistics

Automated, connected, efficient – the perfect combination of SAP’s most comprehensive yard solution SAP Yard Logistics and innovative Flexus Add-Ons!

FlexYard: Yard Management

Together with you we will walk the way to your new yard

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Possible risks of truck management

Truck management offers many opportunities, but also involves certain risks. With our FlexYard management system you can minimize these risks.

  • Accumulating trucks
  • Long waiting times of drivers
  • High space requirement
  • Poor plannability of internal resources
  • Insufficient documentation
  • Uneven utilization of the ramps
  • Penalty payments of the forwarders
  • Additional costs due to cumbersome work steps
  • Error-proneness due to manual processing
  • Increased environmental impact, e.g. due to unnecessary truck emissions & sealing of green areas

Advantages of our FlexYard Management System

In addition to minimizing risks, a yard management system like FlexYard Management for SAP brings many decisive advantages!

Low risk of congestion

Automatic assignment of the ramps

Low waiting times of the drivers

Better utilization of employees

cost cutting

Extensive planning options

Full integration with existing systems

Controlling and real-time monitoring

The perfect match

Do you have questions about yard management? Our experts will be happy to help you!

Example Process Goods Receipt and Goods Issue Best Practice FlexYard Management

Rely on experience and expertise

Our customers include small and medium-sized companies as well as global players. In every project we face new challenges and requirements. Our goal: A tailor-made solution for your concerns.