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Record your intralogistics data with mobile devices


In intralogistics, the mobile recording of data offers a very high potential for optimization. Sources of error can be reduced and the distances covered can be minimized.

Data is compared with the leading ERP system directly during data entry. This means that the current processing status is always visible directly in the SAP system.


Flexus offers as SAP partner with the FLX-MOBIL solutions more than 200 immediately usable mobile applications for SAP intralogistics.
The mobile transactions are standardized but can be adapted flexibly and fast to your individual requirements due to the framework. The solutions are designed in such a way that group-wide deployment across national borders is no problem and can be carried out quickly and, if necessary, with the support of your own IT department thanks to the underlying framework.

The solutions can be used in all areas of intralogistics. From incoming goods logistics, warehouse management, production to the dispatch of goods.
We focus on the complete handling of mobile SAP projects from one source. We offer you the mobile solutions, SAP consulting, process analysis and optimization. Furthermore, we also support you in hardware selection and procurement.


The Flexus Framework enables the customizing and the adaptation to the customer-specific requirements (for example, adaptation to plant level).

In addition, the menus and the layout can be controlled by the framework. Due to the basis framework you can extend the solutions modular


The templates are especially suited for the worldwide roll-out of mobile solutions. With a central template, it is possible to provide a uniform layout in different countries.

In addition, all individual processes of the different locations are taken into account.


With our layout designer the mobile ITSMobile and SAP Fiori dialogs can be generated directly from the ABAP dialogs. At the push of a button, this tool creates customer-specific templates for the barcode solutions.

The layout can be adapted simply by drag & drop and thus, for example, the corporate design can be taken into account.

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    Based on many years of experience in the field of mobile SAP solutions, a large number of mobile transactions for all logistics processes have been developed. From goods receipt to purchase order, through production and quality management to goods issue to delivery note, a large part of the SAP logistics modules have been converted into mobile transactions.

    The mobile solutions can be used on the classic MDE terminals with barcode scanners or RFID readers. The SAP applications can also be used on mobile tablet PCs or forklift terminals. We offer a range of apps for smartphones for key figure analysis, error handling or process information. These enable the warehouse or logistics manager to receive current traffic jam reports.


    Warehouse processes

    We offer you a wide range of ready-to-use mobile transactions for SAP MM-IM, SAP LE-WM and SAP EWM, which provide a multitude of functions. Above all, this considerably reduces routes, paper printouts and sources of error. The applications can be used both on mobile data entry devices and forklift terminals. Warehouse processes include goods receipt, transfer postings, putaways, and palletizing.


    Dispatch processes

    You can map the complete SAP shipping process with our mobile solutions for SAP. Starting with order picking up to the processing of shipments, our FLX-MOBIL SAP transactions offer you the full range of functions for simple and fast posting directly in SAP. In addition it is possible to integrate the Flexus packing table solution in the dispatch, in order to optimize beside the picking also the package or pallet dispatch.


    Inventory processes

    The previous process of recording inventory counts on paper lists and then entering them into the SAP system took a great deal of time. With the combined FLX-MOBIL solution of mobile SAP transactions for inventory counting and the document manager for post-processing and control, an enormous amount of time is saved. The solutions for simple and efficient inventory execution are based on the SAP standard and are not middleware solutions.


    Label printing

    In most mobile SAP projects, it is also necessary to print a label or tag. Whether it is for goods receipt or for stock placement, removal or transfer, the stationary and mobile printers must be connected in many processes. The connection of the print control or printer connection is also possible via the FLX-MOBIL portfolio. This includes label design, SAP forms and the integration of external labels (e.g. from CEP service providers). Translated with (free version)


    Quality Management

    Within the warehouse processes, quality inspections are always pending. The various quality inspections are maintained in the material master data and triggered automatically. Up to now, the employee has entered the quality confirmations in the SAP system using a desktop PC. With the mobile FLX-MOBIL SAP add-ons, the corresponding inspection lot number and sample quantity are displayed and can also be printed out directly when the goods receipt is posted.



    The portfolio of FLX-MOBIL solutions also offers numerous applications for container or HU management. These include, for example, the posting of mobile handling units, goods movements or the definition of container categories. With FLX-MOBIL solutions, handling units can be created, packed, labels printed and clear info transactions carried out.



    Support the production process of SAP® with mobile devices and the mobile solutions developed especially for this purpose. By using mobile solutions in production, the process steps can be posted directly at the place of action. Numerous completed transactions are available, for example, production order backflush, repetitive manufacturing backflush, set kanban status, display, backflush, ...



    Numerous evaluation and reporting possibilities for the mobile processes are available in the Flexus Standard. This includes e.g. evaluations, fault management or also messaging apps. Thereby the evaluations can be called both on mobile terminals and over stationary computers. In the FLX-MOBIL portfolio there are already numerous dashboards which represent the SAP intralogistic processes clearly to the logistics responsible person.


    The whole mobile solution portfolio of Flexus AG is based on the framework for the mobile SAP bar code solutions. Thereby the expert knowledge built up since 1995 is taken up and integrated into the total conception. We offer our customers on basis of the individual requirements an overall strategy with a reasonable technology mix. For example, when using data goggles, the technical conditions (e.g. shift duration, area of use) must be checked on site to increase efficiency in the warehouse.


    The more than 200 finished mobile ITSMobile transactions for a wide range of applications (e.g. goods receipt, inventory, production feedback) have the advantage for customers that development continues to be carried out in the standard SAP programming language ABAP and thus existing SAP know-how can be used.

    For mobile use, the ABAP dialogs are generated as HTML applications using a special generator. The mobile device then calls the HTML applications directly using a browser.

    SAP Fiori

    Our customers can fulfill their requirements on the basis of more than 200 ready-to-use SAP Fiori Apps for the various SAP logistics modules and optimize the extensive range of functions specifically for their processes.

    This simple adaptation to the customer-specific processes is made possible by the customizing, which is delivered with the Flexus Framework by default. The solutions are designed in such a way that they can be used efficiently both with and without HANA Cloud Platform.


    With CocaCola, Flexus AG was able to win a new customer in the field of mobile solutions in 2018: In our reference video, we would like to give you an insight into how Flexus AG was able to contribute to making the intralogistics of Coca-Cola European Partners Deutschland GmbH (CCEP DE) more efficient with its mobile SAP apps.

    The precious metal and technology group Heraeus relies for its internal material flow control on mobile apps integrated in SAP® and the material gidance system of Flexus AG. On the practice day the solutions were presented live on site.
    Learn how the Getriebebau Nord GmbH could optimize the internal processes with the help of the Flexus maintenance solution and arrange more efficiently.


    • Complete integration into SAP®
    • Over 200 standard solutions available
    • Use of different end devices possible
    • Intuitively designed user interface
    • Reduction of manual processes to a minimum through the use of barcode/ RFID technology
    • Reduction of input errors
    • Quick adaptation to your conditions
    • Use as a site-/ corporate solution


    • Daimler AG

    • Brose

    • Mann+Hummel

    • ZF Friedrichshafen AG

    • Heraeus

    • Getriebebau NORD

    • Kautex

    • KSB

    • Stabilus

    • Ansmann

    • FFG

    • sms group

    • Jopp

    • Wirthwein

    • Swiss Krono

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