Warehouse logistics with SAP WM

How to become more productive and streamline processes

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How to become more productive and streamline processes

Support the optimization and digitization of your WM intralogistics by using mobile Flexus warehouse management apps. SAP WM (Warehouse Management) also enables you to manage complex warehouses. You get automated support for numerous goods movements and inventory management. The core processes of the mobile WM functions are concentrated on all important storage areas.

Storage and palletizing after goods receipt

Internal warehouse processes

Relocation within your warehouse incl. warehouse information functions

production supply

Optimized picking & production staging

Picking for shipment

Efficient picking for the delivery note, pick & pack processes, pick-hu picking and multi-order picking

Mobile packaging processes

Warehouse inventory with SAP WM

Are you still looking or are you already picking?

Picking – transport orders for the delivery note in SAP WM

Picking made easy. All relevant transport orders for picking are displayed to your employee right from the start. But even better: These are already arranged in a route-optimized manner, so that the most efficient route is specified. Your employees are optimally guided through the entire picking process.

The individual entries and scan steps are displayed in a central field with a progress bar. Once the current transport order has been completed, the next item for picking is displayed.

The assignment of the order packages to the logistics employees can be done via controls so that the transport orders are only assigned to the relevant storage types or resources.

The special treat for your storage processes

Warehouse Cockpit – Efficiently distribute your warehouse processes

The Flexus Warehouse Cockpit is your control center for warehouse processes with SAP WM. With the tool you can control transport orders in SAP WM even more efficiently.

The transport orders are automatically assigned according to your processes and the resources in the warehouse using defined parameters and algorithms. In addition to the existing storage types, the orders for small parts storage, high-bay storage, narrow aisle storage, floor storage, etc. are split and optimized within the individual storage types.

You can manually prioritize orders and allocate orders to specific resources. Your processes in production and shipping logistics are thus completely digitally optimized.

The following processes can thus be mapped:

  • Automated distribution and allocation of orders
  • Parallel picking (distribution of a transport order to several pickers)
  • Multi-order picking in the warehouse (several orders are processed simultaneously by one picker, often in combination with a picking trolley for dividing the orders)
  • Optimization of narrow aisle warehouse processes
  • Double games in storage and retrieval

FlexMobile: Mobile Solutions

Accelerate your processes and increase efficiency with FlexMobile mobile apps for SAP

Find out in our flyer how you can use mobile SAP® solutions to make process flows more efficient along the entire supply chain and thus reduce process time and error recording.

Take your warehouse logistics to the next level

Efficient warehouse logistics with SAP WM

The mobile SAP applications guarantee you efficient warehouse processes. Thanks to the digital processing of transport orders and clear identification using scanning technology, you can create error-free processes. With the mobile SAP apps, you enable your employees to be guided efficiently through picking. You can implement processes such as multi-order picking or parallel picking across multiple storage types (pick and pack processes) in SAP WM with mobile apps.

The mobile apps are directly integrated into SAP. Your warehouse data is processed directly in real time and updated in SAP. It can be used with SAP Fiori and UI5 as well as with ITSmobile technology.

End device independent

Integrated signature function

Integrated photo documentation

Direct SAP integration

Accelerated warehouse processes

High usability through function buttons

The perfect match

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Optimization in all areas

Apps for every case

You have a variety of mobile WM apps to choose from. If necessary, we are happy to make individual adjustments to adapt our Flexus Apps to your individual needs.

  • Storage from goods receipt
  • Palletizing TB’s in TA’s
  • return from production
  • Return from shipping
  • picking production
  • picking shipping
  • difference handling
  • Extension for Pick & Pack
  • WM provision of the crate parts
  • Acknowledgment TA for the storage unit
  • Cancel transport order
  • Rearrangement from place to place
  • Relocate storage units
  • Transfer LE from WM to IM
  • Transfer quants
  • Quantity correction storage unit
  • Create transfer requirement [LP10]
  • Information storage location info [WM]
  • Material inventory information [WM]
  • Information storage unit SAP WM
  • Transfer quants [LT10]
  • Cancel transport order [LT15]
  • Quantity correction storage unit
  • Inventory count SAP WM (planned)
  • Create inventory document and count (ad hoc)
  • SAP Cockpit – inventory cockpit
  • Zero control when outsourcing
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  • Utilization of block / pallet storage
  • Evaluation of WM order load
  • Open TA positions / completed TA positions
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Are you considering switching to SAP S/ 4HANA?

Are you currently using SAP WM? Are you considering switching to SAP S/4HANA? All FLX-WM apps continue to run on a SAP S/4HANA system. SAP S/4HANA Stockroom Management is used here. We would be happy to support you with this changeover.

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