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FlexMaint – Mobile and stationary maintenance solutions with sap

Maintenance as a pure cost factor – on the contrary! Well-functioning and fast maintenance not only increases the service life of your systems and devices, but also reduces acquisition or reconstruction costs.

Based on the SAP PM maintenance module, we offer you extensive extensions based on the SAP Fiori technology. Our mobile maintenance apps support RFID, barcode scanning, camera and signature capture.

With the Flexus Add-Ons, your maintenance processes are mapped device-independently. You can use notebooks, tablets, smartphones or stationary PCs. Thanks to SAP mobile maintenance solutions, you can book notifications, faults or tasks directly on site in the SAP system and distribute the corresponding information to your responsible employees.

A clear cockpit and intuitive drag & drop procedures also make planning and editing easier.

Your advantages of the mobile Flexus maintenance solutions at a glance

Processing in mobile SAP maintenance

Process messages and orders on the move

Your responsible employees have access at any time and directly on site to all relevant data, documents and functions that are relevant for carrying out maintenance and service activities.

Mobile SAP maintenance without paper-based processes

Replace paper-based processes

SAP mobile maintenance management completely eliminates paper-based processes and redundant data entry, as your employees store them just in time directly in SAP.

Uploads in mobile SAP maintenance

Upload pictures, documents & videos

In the order creation and confirmation, you can store data that is necessary for the performance of the activity. Your employees can also assign documents and photos for more detailed documentation to the appropriate order in SAP.

Feedback for the mobile maintenance solution

Report back work steps directly at the place of use

The feedback via the mobile maintenance app enables a time-optimised process flow. Your employees can report information on working time or material consumption on site and thus immediately start a new order.

Ad hoc maintenance at SAP maintenance

Ad-hoc maintenance and planned maintenance

With mobile maintenance solutions, you can map planned maintenance on the basis of maintenance plans as well as create and confirm ad-hoc maintenance.

Integration of the existing solution into SAP

Integrate the solution directly into SAP

Your processes run completely digitally from now on. Thanks to permanent SAP integration, your data is always available and up-to-date in real time. Trust us as an SAP Silver Partner!

Signatures for mobile maintenance in SAP

Capture signatures and send emails

With this function, your maintenance staff can sign the maintenance plan or their work directly and save it in SAP. In addition, a new order can be sent directly by mail.

Rollouts in mobile maintenance

Fast rollouts without large infrastructure

A smooth project flow is your top priority? Trust our experience and know-how for a successful project.

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  • Definition of new efficient maintenance processes – individually adapted to your company
  • Analysis of your previous sources of error – we offer you alternatives
  • Creation of new structures for time-efficient processes in your maintenance management
  • Development of a consistent management from the alarm system to the solution of the cause of the malfunction
  • Integration of your individual structure, process and machine data

FlexMobile: Mobile Solutions

Accelerate your processes and increase efficiency with FlexMobile intralogistic and mobile maintenance apps for SAP

Find out in our flyer how you can use mobile SAP® solutions to make process flows more efficient along the entire supply chain and thus reduce process time and error recording.

Mapping of the SAP mobile maintenance process with SAP fiori Apps

To create a message

The signalling system in SAP mobile maintenance offers many different options. You have the following to choose from:

  • Reporting system via ticket system or SharePoint
  • Mobile creation of the new fault in the maintenance app
  • Automatic creation of jobs by the machine (IOT)
  • Use of the SAP GUI for direct creation in SAP

In this way, you can use the variant in the process that is easiest to implement. For example, your employee on site can create a notification directly on the move and does not have to return to his stationary workstation and PC to do so. This also eliminates the need for paper-based processes.

Furthermore trough mobile maintenance solutions, you also have the option of storing maintenance plans. These allow you to plan ahead and schedule your staff, as messages are received at regular and predictable intervals.

Create notification for mobile maintenance in SAP

How to edit messages

In the context of message management, not only the creation of these messages, but also the processing and display of created messages plays a major role.

With the mobile maintenance solutions, you also have the decisive advantage that you can view your messages in real time and directly on site. The messages can be processed directly on site, which again saves time.

After messages are received in your system, your employees must qualify them and create orders. Here you have the option of processing each message individually or bundling messages into one order. This is particularly useful for inspection rounds.

To release messages and place an order to

As a maintenance officer, you have the option here to check the created notifications and then create them as an order. You can also change orders that have already been created and assign priorities. You can make and monitor all these changes intuitively via drag & drop in the notification cockpit.

In these orders, you can also directly plan the time for your employees and store exact operations and components. In addition, you have the option of making a BANF request directly in the mobile maintenance app to match the order and to add objects directly from your object list. Here, too, the clear message cockpit supports you in processing.

Depending on the role of the employee, role-based characteristics can be displayed in the cockpit. For example, special filters such as “My messages” and “My orders” are displayed.

Message cockpit from FLEXUS for mobile maintenance

After you have created orders from the messages, they must be distributed to your employees. You can do this in the planning cockpit. You can assign the orders to your employees via drag & drop. Through the direct integration of a calendar with a shift model and public holidays, you can schedule the orders even more easily.

The planning cockpit of the FLEXUS SAP mobile maintenance process

Your advantages of the planning cockpit via SAP mobile maintenance solutions

The planning cockpit also visualises the status of the individual orders by means of different colours and thus offers you a good insight into the work progress. An additional alerting system actively informs the person responsible for maintenance in the event of deviations or faults in the system.

How to get a part and final notification

Photo function of the mobile order apps

Thanks to the mobile app for feedback, your maintenance staff can confirm the order directly at the place of work. As an additional function, the working time can be intuitively recorded here using a type of stopwatch system and stored directly in SAP in the order.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to upload photos and videos to document the solution or a work progress. Furthermore, additional information such as drawings or manuals can be accessed directly on site.

If the maintenance is complete or the problem has been solved, your maintenance representative can confirm the order directly on site using a mobile device. If the work is interrupted in the meantime without the problem having been finally solved, a partial confirmation takes place. The order can then be processed further at any time by one of your employees.

How to document material receipt and return

For cost centre-related accounting, the allocation of used work equipment is necessary. The mobile maintenance app for confirmation of work equipment also supports you in this.

Your maintenance officer can store relevant material in the order in advance. This results in a planned withdrawal of goods by the processing employee.

In addition, your employee can request additional material and remove it from the maintenance warehouse. This is called an ad-hoc withdrawal.

In both cases, the material used is booked directly in SAP and assigned to the appropriate order.

Dashboards play a crucial role in securing business processes. With the dashboard for your maintenance, you get a real-time insight into the current situation and order situation at any time. The dashboard visualises all current disruptions as well as the utilisation and capacity of your employees.

Furthermore, you get an overview of the work progress by visualising different statuses in colour. You can also filter and display your open orders according to priority.

As a special highlight, your ACTUAL situation is displayed on a 2D factory map. This gives you an overview of all faults on your premises.

Dashboard by FLEXUS the mobile maintenance solutions made for you

Asset management as the superordinate area of mobile maintenance describes all processes and functions that simplify the entire maintenance process for you through the use of Flexus mobile apps. This includes the following functions:

How to order photos and documents of the message

You have the option of immediately documenting the damage or defect with a photo or storing suitable machine construction plans.

These images and documents are directly linked to the order in SAP, so that the assigned employee has this information available for processing and can access it mobile at any time.

How to generate automatic emails

Several people within your company are involved in the maintenance process. Information on the processing of the maintenance order is relevant for all these employees. Status reports, which are automatically generated and sent by e-mail to the stored persons, are suitable for this purpose.

The flow of information in your company is thus guaranteed throughout and, if necessary, colleagues or superiors can intervene and support. This procedure is also advantageous when different employees are repairing a malfunction in order to monitor the work progress. The manual and time-consuming notification of each other is completely eliminated – the system takes over this function automatically.

Signature function from FLEXUS

How to use the integrated signature function in SAP mobile maintenance solutions

At various points in your maintenance process, it is necessary to confirm individual process steps with a signature. Without a mobile maintenance solution, this creates a lot of time and bureaucracy, as the signatures have to be recorded manually on paper and then manually assigned to the SAP order by your employee.

The digital signature function supports you in this: you can request a signature at any step in your process flow. Your employee can create and save this signature digitally on his or her mobile device. This is automatically assigned to the order in SAP as an image file. The advantage: quick and complete documentation!

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SAP Mobile maintenance by NORD GmbH & Co. KG

Mobile Maintenance at Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co. KG

The operating technology department of Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co KG has introduced SAP mobile maintenance management systems, thus ensuring maximum transparency, more efficiency and better working conditions. The supplier of the solution is Flexus AG.

Learn everything about the implementation and the use of the solution in the reference report here