Trans­port guidance system

Control your forklifts, tugger trains and driverless transport vehicles modularly in SAP!

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Trans­port guidance system for SAP

Optimize all your internal transports

In contrast to conventional forklift guidance systems, which primarily improve the processes in sub-areas of logistics, our transport control system FlexGuide represents a holistic approach for the cross-departmental control and route optimization of your material flow.
The resulting reduced times and distances as well as an optimal distribution of the transport orders affect your entire SAP intralogistics.

Find out now about the functionality, the components and extensions of the transport/forklift guidance system from Flexus AG!

SAP transport guidancesystem in logistics

Implement various resources

Our FlexGuide transport and forklift guidance system not only enables you to easily and transparently control your forklift fleet – the system takes into account all available resources that are necessary in your company for the material flow:

  • Forklifts & high rack stackers
  • Tugger trains & driverless transport systems
  • Colleagues with mobile devices
  • Internal truck traffic

Integrate all logistic areas

  • Warehouse (WM transport orders or EWM warehouse tasks)
  • Production (PP confirmations or production orders)
  • Organization (recyclables, empties, connection of external systems)
  • Collect individual areas in the FlexGuide driving order pool
Transport guidance system for SAP
TLS management by FLEXUS

Optimize the distribution of your driving orders

  • Your driving orders are distributed to all available vehicles via the FlexGuide driving order pool
  • This distribution is based on priorities you set and takes into account constraints such as weight, areas or pallet type
  • You have additional optimization through dashboards and BI tools

Push your results

  • Traceability of your material is guaranteed at all times
  • Control your means of transport more efficiently
  • Make your inventory and warehouse management transparent
  • Improve the distribution of your driving orders
  • Optimize the paths of your material flow
Transport guidance systems SAP

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Fast and easy: Integrate our FlexGuide directly into SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA with SAP EWM, WM, MM and PP

Our Flexus transport guidance system FlexGuide is an officially certified add-on from SAP. It improves your processes both within your SAP S/4HANA system and within your SAP ECC system.

With our SAP transport guidance system, you get the most out of all processes in the most diverse areas of your company. You can use the solution across the board or only in a special area and SAP module.

Optimize your intralogistic processes in combination with different SAP modules:

With SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management), SAP WM (Warehouse Management), SAP MM (Material Management), SAP PP (Production), SAP SD (Shipping) and with organization trips that are not relevant to SAP. The direct communication with all your relevant SAP material master and inventory data takes place through the SAP integration of the control system.

FlexGuide: Our white paper on the subject of tugger trains

Are you still planning your tugger train routes manually?

Read our white paper to learn how you can reduce the distance your route trains travel, minimize empty runs, and thus save resources and increase delivery reliability.

Insights into the forklift guidance system

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