VDA 5050:
The AGV standard for SAP

Standardized, cross-manufacturer communication and optimization

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Management and optimization of all AGVs

If you are thinking about using multiple AGVs in your warehouse or production or are already doing so, the VDA 5050 is for you. The VDA 5050 is a standard for communication between different AGV types from all manufacturers. In this way, all vehicles can be connected to a control system via the same interface. This is also the recommended interface for new projects for the AGV module of the Flexus transport control system .

At first glance, the VDA 5050 appears to be a technical detail that should primarily be taken care of by the manufacturers of AGVs and control systems. However, there are a number of reasons why you too should educate yourself about this topic if you plan to use AGVs in your production or warehouse:

  • You can rely directly on the VDA 5050 for the design
  • You can judge whether it is worth switching to a VDA 5050 interface
  • You can estimate the effort required
  • You can check the required technical infrastructure in advance
  • You can have a say in the project and judge what Flexus consultants or AGV manufacturers tell you

In our glossary article we have described the most important details in order to explain to you what content VDA 5050 covers and what questions you will face in specific projects. In this article you will find the most important concepts explained in order to get an overview of what the VDA 5050 means for you and what we can offer you.

What advantages does the VDA 5050 offer you?

The aim of the VDA 5050 is a simplified, faster integration of AGVs into a control system. There are currently many different proprietary interfaces, which means that there is a lot of work involved in connecting an AGV type to a control system in every project. In addition, as a result, functions in the control system are rarely reused and, in the worst case, AGVs cannot be controlled and optimized across manufacturers. You have the following advantages:

Faster projects

If the AGV manufacturer also supports the VDA 5050, the technical implementation is already 95% complete on both sides. Only individual special cases have to be developed additionally.

In this way, both proof-of-concepts, small projects with one AGV type, up to large projects with hundreds of AGVs from different manufacturers can be implemented more quickly.

Integration of additional hardware and systems

A central component of the VDA 5050 is the decoupling between hardware and software via standardized interfaces. This allows you to integrate additional AGVs in later project phases with little effort.

Other systems, for example for real-time visualization or traffic monitoring, can also be integrated without making any changes to the existing system.

Standardized functionalities

In addition to standardized designations and processes, a major advantage for you is that concrete functionalities are defined.

This provides a good basis for discussions at the beginning of the project and creates clarity for all those involved as to what the minimum requirements are and what optional additions are possible.

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The perfect match

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Integration of VDA 5050 in SAP

Flexus is the specialist for the integration of AGVs into a SAP landscape. Our core business for over 25 years has been to understand, optimize and explain how goods can be transported from A to B in intralogistics with SAP.

In many cases, reality is more complex than originally assumed, since intralogistic processes are often complex and individually shaped. The following challenges are just the beginning in most of our projects:

  • block storage
  • Automatic high racks
  • Multi-stage transports
  • pre-commissioning
  • Dependencies on transports from Yard Management
  • Tugger trains with tour planning

Complete integration into SAP EWM, SAP WM and SAP S/4 HANA

AGV control system VDA 5050: AGV standard interface for your SAP EWM and SAP WM

We have already encountered all of these complex SAP-specific challenges in our projects and have been able to solve them together with our customers and partners. The VDA 5050 interface from Flexus is also based on this experience and finished developments.

We offer you ready-to-use interfaces and logics that are already in productive use in order to optimally adapt all SAP processes to your AGVs. In our article on the AGV standard interface for your SAP EWM and SAP WM you will find more information on how you can use Flexus to combine and optimize both SAP MM, SAP EWM, SAP WM and non-SAP transports and distribute them to AGVs via VDA 5050.

Technical integration in SAP system landscape

Not only the procedural and functional integration in SAP plays a role, but also the technology. This aspect is often neglected before the start of the project and subsequently causes considerable additional work.

Flexus offers you a solution that runs 100% in your SAP system. This not only gives you complete control over your data, but also guarantees you can use our solution the way you see fit for as long as you want.

VDA 5050 - Data and core processes in SAP ERP, EWM and S/4HANA

Data and core processes in SAP ERP, SAP EWM or SAP S/4 HANA

VDA 5050 - Broker and interface for the SAP Cloud, BTP and S/4HANA

VDA 5050 broker and interface in the SAP Cloud, Business Technology Platform or SAP S/4 HANA

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