The industrial web browser for your SAP Fiori or
ITSmobile apps with iOS & Android.

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theflex. web browser for SAP Fiori and ITSmobile

Theflex is the industrial browser that is especially suitable for application scenarios in logistics, field service and production. Developed for Android (Android 5.1 and higher) and iOS devices, the sap web browser can be used both on devices with and without touch. It is also ideal for using Android devices (handhelds and tablets) in combination with SAP and SAP Fiori apps , but also ITSmobile.

The industrial browser for your future – your advantages at a glance

Increasing digitalisation is a constant process in which old technologies are replaced by new ones. For example, the end of support for the Windows CE, Embedded and Mobile systems has been announced for January 2020. Many older devices used in logistics use this system, which has been in use since the 1990s – the new theflex mobile web browser for SAP now offers a forward-looking solution for your logistics!

Camera use

Integration of hardware functions: Camera function, signature function and light/sound control.

Vibration & Sound output

Haptic and acoustic signals can be issued to support your staff.

For SAP Fiori and ITSmobile

Through the theflex browser, SAP Fiori and ITSmobile can be used on all Android devices.

NFC Login

Contactless registration of employees in the system – time-efficient and intuitive to use.

Use full screen

Hide usual start and navigation bars – more space for the actual application.

theflex. Convince yourself of the advantages!

Download the free demo version of the theflex fiori browser from the Google Play Store, the Apple Store or the SAP Store. Use the functional scope of our solution and convince yourself of the advantages and the potential that theflex. brings to your company.

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Visit our new TheFlex website!

There you will not only find additional information about our innovative industrial browser for SAP, but also the entire documentation with instructions, descriptions of all features as well as a FAQ section.

Visit the new TheFlex website!

SAP Industrial Browser: The sustainable solution for your logistics

Since SAP has already announced that it will increasingly process applications via the web browser system independently of the device, theflex offers the ideal technology, which is already being used successfully by our customers. The mobile web browser supports and optimises the internal process flows along your entire supply chain.

Experience of a Flexus consultant: “Theflex combines the latest web technologies (e.g. SAP-Fiori) with intuitive and optimised operation. Our customers use the camera function, the text-to-speech function and the optimised touch functions to relieve their own employees and make processes smarter, e.g. in order picking.”

Innovative industrial browser theflex

Industry-browser 2.0

Learn in our flyer how you can easily guide your employees through the processes with theflex, avoid errors and support SAP processes in a targeted manner.

Take the next step with the innovative theflex mobile web browser for SAP!

Design your work processes efficiently

Use the entire device screen, as the status and navigation bars usual for Android can now be hidden by the innovative fiori browser.

Another particularly convenient feature for your staff is the automatic selection of keyboards. The appropriate keyboard is displayed according to the input field, so that, for example, only a numeric keyboard is displayed for fields that only require numeric values.

Efficient work processes with the innovative sap fiori browser
Full potential of thehardware with the sap fiori berowser

Use the full potential of your hardware

Several hardware functions that are not possible in normal use via a browser become usable.

Among other things, you can use the device’s camera for scanning processes, for example. This means that a booking can be made directly on the spot. Features such as text-to-speech and the signature function can now also be used with theflex.

Make your daily work easier – through small but fine features

By using acoustic signals via the text-to-speech plug-in, you are informed of errors immediately. Error management can thus be optimised and errors avoided in advance.

In addition, the URL to the SAP Fiori Launchpad or ITSmobile service is automatically loaded after one-time installation as soon as you start the app. Access can also be secured by code. Authentication via fingerprint or Face ID is also supported.

All data on processes, messages, errors and technical connection data are automatically stored by theflex.

The advantage for you? This data can be sent automatically to a previously defined group of recipients or accessed at any time via the Flexus Cockpit.

This data can be visualised, selected and evaluated via corresponding Fiori apps or SAP GUI dialogues. In combination with Power-BI or Tableau, errors can be analysed in detail and processes optimised.

You want to log in and out of your development, quality and production systems quickly and conveniently? The multi-SAP login function makes exactly that possible!

All functions can be parameterised directly on the terminal or by rolling out and distributing the settings centrally via the SAP system. This facilitates the work of your in-house IT and supports employees in their daily work.

An optimal connection plays a decisive role for functioning processes. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out regular network checks. As a special extension, theflex industrial browser brings this function with it.

The network (time, duration, SSID, BSSID, position, URL, error messages) is automatically monitored during operation. With the scanning of storage locations or machines, the current position is also determined and saved directly in SAP. In combination with the logging function, you can read out this data at any time.

In combination with the Flexus Route Optimiser and the 2D plant overview, you get the data displayed strikingly on your plant map. Alternatively, you can also use the SAP GUI transactions.

Software installation with update management and authorisation checks is an important issue for your IT? Therefore, we provide you with theflex in a variety of installation and update paths. You choose the right way yourself:

  • External device management system, e.g. SOTI: roll-out with parameterisation
  • Provision via iTunes App Store or Google Playstore worldwide or in defined countries as well as to closed user groups (external & internal) .
  • Provision of the installation files and distribution by your IT

With the additional Plug&Play function for mobile back of the hand scanners, theflex offers another decisive advantage. Wearables from ProGlove and NIMMSTA can be integrated quickly and easily.

Your advantage – this solution optimises hands-free barcode scanning. Your employees do not need MDEs or smartphones; they are only used in exceptional cases such as error processing.