Fully auto­matic tugger train control with SAP

Plan your material supply with tugger trains in a fully dynamic, automated and optimised way!

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Control your tugger trains efficiently with sap

The Flexus tugger train control is directly integrated into SAP® and optimises the control and coordination of your tugger trains in material supply and disposal.

The optimisation and control algorithms shorten the transport routes in your material supply by predictively calculating the most sensible routes. Data based on the past and the actual distance between the destinations are used when planning the departure and time routes.

You can use the tugger train control as a stand-alone module or as a useful addition to the FlexGuide transport/forklift guidance system for SAP. Use FlexGuide for the efficient control of tugger trains in SAP!

Get a comprehensive insight into the world of tugger trains in our know-how article:

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What functions do the tugger train control with the FlexGuide provide

The tugger train concept is based on a flexible number of trailers on your trips. Therefore, in addition to optimised control, the FlexGuide also takes into account integrated trailer management. The current location, the loading status and the respective content of the trailer can be managed with the transport guidance system. This maps the loading of the tugger train trailers with containers, reserves the trailer types with different loading capacities and assigns them to the respective route. The software takes into account the different loading and unloading processes on the route over time.

Orders are determined directly in SAP, taking into account your working time models, breaks, planned times and much more. planned times and much more. The tugger train control enables you to schedule fixed, fully dynamic and permanent tours for the tugger trains. The scheduled orders are visualised in a clear cockpit and can also be edited here. In this way, you can assign the driving jobs to the driver in such a way that all jobs are processed on time.

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Control your tugger trains fully dynamically with sap

Are you planning to use the Flexus tugger train solution in your company? Your internal processes in the area of production and warehouse management are often subject to high and short-term fluctuations?

Counteract these with fully dynamic tugger train control with SAP by generating your transport orders taking into account the real-time situation in your plant. Rely on fully dynamic control and convince yourself of the numerous advantages!

Manage your appliances directly in sap

Do you have fixed and mobile trailers in use? No problem – with the trailer management for the FlexGuide you can map them directly in SAP! Both B/C frames and picking coaches can be taken into account. Different loading strategies (sorted and unsorted) are also supported by the transport/ forklift guidance system, so that you can integrate all your tugger train loading and unloading processes directly into SAP.

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Load and unload your routine trains now even faster

Hands-free scan processes with the nimmsta hs50 and the mark display from proglove

A functioning and effective material flow within your intralogistics is essential for the success of your company. The HS50 from NIMMSTA, which weighs 45 grams, is a lightweight among back-of-hand scanners. On the other hand, the MARK display from ProGlove, the smallest back -of-hand scanner on the market, can help you. With these handhelds, which are attached to the back of the hand, it is possible to make the work process hands-free.

In this way, you too can support your tugger train drivers, especially in the loading and unloading processes!

Learn more about the two back of the hand scanners here!

FlexGuide: Our white paper on the subject of tugger trains

Are you still planning your tugger train routes manually?

Read our white paper to learn how you can reduce the distance your route trains travel, minimize empty runs, and thus save resources and increase delivery reliability.

Efficient and sustainable: route train control at daimler ag industry 4.0

The material guidance system at EvoBus GmbH, the largest subsidiary of Daimler AG, not only enables the simple and transparent control of the forklift fleet – it also takes into account all existing resources that are necessary for the material flow in the company.

The functions include the optimisation of the forklift trucks, the employees with mobile devices, the internal truck traffic as well as the tugger trains.

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