Control AGV / driverless transport systems with SAP

With the Flexus AGV control system, you control your driverless transport vehicles with the most efficient optimization algorithms directly in SAP!

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Increase the efficiency of your AGV / AGV fleet

Control your driverless transport systems via a central AGV control system directly in SAP.
You achieve the best performance and optimisation results! In concrete terms, this means for you: connection of different manufacturers of driverless transport systems, option for hybrid control with tugger trains or forklifts and transparency over your entire vehicle fleet!

Overview on tablet about SAP AGV transport systems

Coordination on the next level – All your AGVs at a glance in SAP!

  • Overview of all AGVs in your company
  • Live locations of all AGVs in a uniform map
  • Current status / fault messages at a glance

Flexus AGV transport control systems = all-in-one optimization for your intralogistics!

  • Optimal order allocation
  • Ideal route coordination
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Traffic control with efficient intersection management / segment control
All in one management on the tablet with AGV/FTS transport system
Logo of the VDA 5050 standard, integrated in all AGV transport systems

Future already now – VDA 5050 standard integrated – all AGV providers in one system!

  • Standardised interface (VDA 5050) for the connection of different manufacturers
  • Simple connection of several manufacturers per One-Click
  • Single Point Configuration

Certified SAP solutions for your quality requirements

  • Direct integration with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA
  • Certified SAP solution
  • On-premise or cloud-based
Driverless AGV transport control systems with SAP EWM

Future-proof with SAP EWM – Control your AGVs with SAP EWM

  • Integrate the existing IT & logistics landscape and between SAP EWM & AGV seamlessly and in real time
  • Your driving jobs are automatically distributed optimally
  • Transfer positions between driverless and manned vehicles for multi-level driving jobs
  • Control your batteries intelligently and order-dependent

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Outperform your competitors with the Flexus AGV/AGV transport systems

Integrate the AGV transport system directly into your SAP system

Reduce intra-plant traffic

Optimise the utilisation of your industrial trucks

Save up to 35 percent on costs

Maintain a holistic overview of your AGV fleet

Significantly increase your adherence to deadlines

FlexGuide: Our white paper on the subject of AGV guidance system

You want maximum transparency for their entire vehicle fleet?

Find out in our whitepaper how to future-proof your internal processes and how our FlexGuide AGV control system can help you make the most of the potential offered by driverless transport vehicles directly in SAP.

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cost cutting

Increase in adherence to deadlines

error reduction

Integration into your SAP system – no problem!

With FlexGuide AGV SAP Quick Connect as the interface between SAP and the fleet manager, complete integration into all SAP processes in your company is possible. The optimisation and routing of your processes takes place in the fleet manager.

With FlexGuide AGV SAP Guided Connect, you optimise all orders in SAP and their allocation to the appropriate vehicles, taking into account all existing vehicle types (forklift, RTZ, AGV) in your company.

Holistic transparency

Hybrid control of all your vehicles

Get transparency over the entire material flow in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA with the Flexus AGV / AGV transport systems – include forklifts, tugger trains and picking processes in a coordinated control!

Your entire flow of goods, the current stock situation and the resource status in your company, including SAP bookings, are displayed in one interface – so you always have an overview!

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Outperform your competitors with the Flexus driverless transport system!

Optimisation tools

Holistic optimization of your existing resources

Modern UI & Analytics Tools

User-friendly interfaces and evaluation options

VDA 5050 interface

Standardised interface for simplified communication

Fleet management

Central overview of all your transport vehicles

Integration of different manufacturers

Flexible connection of several AGV manufacturers to the Flexus AGV transport system

Intelligent battery management

Monitoring the state of charge of your individual vehicles

Fault management

Direct detection and reporting of malfunctions during operation and their localisation

Deployment of hybrid fleets

Use manually controlled as well as automated vehicles

Efficient traffic control

Crossing and segment control for your AGV

Map management

Central and unified management of the overview map for holistic optimisation

Efficient route optimisation

Traffic routes of your deployed vehicles are optimally planned

Central configuration

All changes are uniformly controlled centrally

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By means of the optimisation kernel. This ensures that the prioritised transport orders in your transport order pool are assigned to the respective vehicles. The calculation is based on various priorities that you can determine individually (e.g. waiting time, due date, empty run, etc.).

All your SAP modules and non-SAP modules for warehousing, production, shipping and organisational travel can be connected.

The components of the forklift control system for SAP allow for easy implementation and administration of the system. Physical changes to routes, new transport resources or roll-outs to further locations within your group are easy to implement using the existing tools.

The forklift guidance system has been certified by SAP for S/4HANA. What does this mean for you? Our solution meets SAP ‘s high quality and security standards and can be seamlessly integrated into existing SAP systems and use the latest technologies.