Flexus Add-Ons for SAP

SAP Standard – Only Better

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By extending your Yard Management System from SAP with individual Flexus Add-Ons you can customize your system exactly to your needs This opens up completely new possibilities!


Analyses, KPIs, forecasts – Increase and control the efficiency of your yard sustainably with the help of the comprehensive Flexus Controlling/CDC add-on.

Time Windows Management

High usability despite complex processes – Flexus Time-Window-Management for your ramp planning offers exactly that.

Pre-Reservation App

Reduced waiting times and better planning capability through the simple pre-announcement of deliveries with the Flexus Pre-Registration App.


By connecting selected IdentityProviders, it is possible to centrally control and simplify user administration.

Gate transactions

The gate is of central importance. Exactly for this offer
we fully comprehensive, user-friendly and SAP-integrated gate transactions.

Terminal and infrastructure management

Everything in one place – This add-on enables all terminals and hardware components to be
manufacturer-independent and centrally managed.

Terminal dialogs

Focus on the driver – Flexus terminal dialogs are designed to provide optimal support to the driver without unnecessary or complicated dialogs.

2D control station

Absolute overview and full control – This add-on allows you to visually monitor the yard in real time. This way you always know what, when, where is happening.

FlexYard: Yard Management

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