Forklift guidance system for SAP

Forklift route optimization and tracking system for SAP Make your forklift the number 1 vehicle.

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More efficiency for your intralogistics with the forklift guidance system for SAP

Do your forklifts drive in your logistics on sight or on demand? Would you like to significantly increase your existing forklift utilization and guarantee 100% of the associated material tracking?

With the Flexus forklift control system for SAP, you minimize empty runs in your logistics, guarantee timely production supply and receive transparency about your complex flow of goods.

How does the Flexus forklift guidance system for SAP work?

Your journeys from different sources (automatic or manual creation from SAP, production, storage or shipping) are collected in the central transport order pool. Your forklifts and mobile employees are supplied with optimized (minimised, priority-controlled) driving orders to optimize forklift routs.

The integrated algorithms enable time-saving use of your employees and vehicles. Your employees can process the journeys via mobile Flexus apps using a handheld or forklift terminal. Through the forklift tracking system, the traceability of your material flow in the background is continuously guaranteed.

Functions for optimizing your forklift guidance routs

Forklift guidance system enables real-time navigation

FLEXGUIDE – Transport guidance system

Real-time tracking system for the forklifts and navigation of all your resources

Forklift route optimization & reduction of empty runs

Billing with the SAP forklift control system

FLEXGUIDE – Transport guidance system

Calculate on a cost center basis

Cross-divisional control possible

Manage multiple locations with the SAP forklift tracking system

FLEXGUIDE – Transport guidance system

Manage multiple locations

Direct SAP integration of all locations & transports

Integration of all resources in the forklift control system

FLEXGUIDE – Transport guidance system

Integrate all resources

Forklift, e-ant and mobile workers

Clear dashboards of the forklift guidance system

FLEXGUIDE – Transport guidance system

Use the clear dashboards

Intuitive evaluations in real time

Extensions for the forklift guidance and tracking system for SAP

FLEXGUIDE – Transport guidance system

Extensions according to your wishes

Flexible and individually expandable

FlexGuide: Our flyer on the subject of transport / forklift guidance system

You want a simple and transparent control of your forklift fleet?

In our flyer you will learn how to minimize empty runs and achieve route optimization of your material flow with the FlexGuide.

How to integrate the forklift guidance system in SAP

Do you want to optimize your forklift routs and make the transport structures within the warehouse more efficient? Do you want to make the material flow in intralogistics transparent? All areas are covered with the FlexGuide forklift guidance system for SAP!

Production logistics with WIP management

With the FLX-WIP warehouse management it is possible for you to store and retrieve materials that are not yet stocked in the SAP warehouse. This gives us complete transparency over your WM, EWM and WIP inventories. All this integrated in the FlexGuide transport guidance system !

Logistics center with multi-stage processes

Connect semi-automated forklifts directly to your warehouse logistics with SAP. Your semi-automated VNA trucks are easily implemented via the standardized interface. The integration of important providers (STILL, Crown, Jungheinrich, etc.) is also available. You can also optimize the journeys of your resources via the FlexGuide.

Trailer management directly in SAP

If trailers are used for transport in your company, you can also manage them via the FlexGuide. With the container management, it is also possible for you to store container types.

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Save up to 35% on running costs!

  • Increase the utilization and efficiency of your forklift fleet (between 15 – 35%)
  • Minimize empty runs and search times
  • Help your employees with simple and intuitive dialogs and a high level of usability
  • Used to control and optimize warehouse, shipping and production (taking into account all trips)
  • Control logistics centers and dispatch centers with connection to AKL / SGL (automatic small parts warehouse, narrow aisle truck)
  • Consider trailers, tugger trains and supermarket supply
  • Integrate your processes directly into SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA (no middleware or external interfaces required)




The SAP solution in action – see for yourself!

Daimler touches down
Flexus intralogistics platform

Use of the Flexus guidance system as a central intralogistics platform for controlling forklifts, tugger trains and driverless transport systems at Daimler AG.

Flexus transport control system at ZF Friedrichshafen

Use of the Flexus forklift guidance system at ZF Friedrichshafen AG as a material control system in production logistics (push/pull principle in material requirements) & extended inventory management (SAP WM + WIP add-on)

Important questions about the forklift route optimization

By means of the optimisation kernel. This ensures that your priority-controlled driving orders are assigned to the respective vehicles in the driving order pool. The calculation is based on various priorities that you can determine individually (e.g. waiting time, due date, empty run, etc.).

All SAP modules and non-SAP modules for storage, production, shipping and organization trips can be connected.

With the forklift guidance system, it is possible to store and retrieve materials that are not yet stocked in the SAP® warehouse at the exact location. Precise tracking of your containers or materials is also possible.

The FlexGuide guidance system also works as a forklift tracking system without location technologies, since distances, pick-up and drop-off points are known via the graphic planning tool. Location technologies such as laser location or UWB radio location are already integrated into the system as a standard and can be used depending on the customer project.

Your semi-automated VNA trucks are easily implemented via standardized interfaces. Integrations with the major providers (STILL, Crown, Jungheinrich, etc.) are already available and can be used directly.

The creation of travel orders is integrated in the SAP modules (e.g. supply of production). Therefore, multi-stage transports are also possible, for example between tugger trains and forklifts. Your driving orders can be automated, e.g. B. created from production order data or created manually via the Flexus worker dialog.

The components of the forklift control system for SAP allow for easy implementation and administration of the system. Physical changes to routes, new transport resources or roll-outs to further locations within your group are easy to implement using the existing tools.

Personal data is not stored at any time. Our evaluations always refer to the corresponding device or resource that is being optimized.

The average ROI times ran between 6-18 months depending on the scope of the solution.

The forklift guidance system was certified by SAP for S/4 HANA. What does this mean for you? Our solution meets the high quality and security standards of SAP and can be seamlessly integrated into existing SAP systems and the latest technologies can be used.

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Not enough? Expand your forklift guidance system with these SAP modules!

Do you have individual requirements due to fixed operating procedures or regulations in your industry? With the numerous extensions of the forklift guidance system, you have the option of using our solution from a simple forklift call system to a complex transport guidance system. Control not only forklifts, but also tugger trains or driverless transport vehicles with Flexus!

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