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What is a wearable scanner?

In contrast to conventional handhelds, a wearable scanner is a very light, small and smart scanner that is attached to a glove on the back of the hand. With the help of the wearable scanner, employees can work with both hands, which speeds up the process, and are guided intuitively through the process by small work instructions on the display using integrated mobile SAP apps.

Where to use the wearable scanner most effectively

Scenario 1: Hands-free picking

When using classic MDE devices for order picking and inventory, a problem often arises – your employees do not have both hands available at the same time at work.

With wearable scanners and mobile SAP apps, your employees can now work hands-free without having to carry other devices with them. In addition, the wearable scanner is not as tiring as classic handhelds due to its low weight.

Scenario 2: Unrestricted freedom of movement when packing

The unrestricted freedom of movement enables your employees to work constantly and efficiently, which means that the light and ergonomic wearables can also score points when packing the previously picked goods.

The integrated apps also deliver all essential information directly to the back of your employees’ hands.

Scenario 3: Flexible route planning

When loading and unloading a tugger train, your employees also benefit from the advantage that they do not have to carry an additional handheld with them when leaving the vehicles.

In addition, the mobile SAP apps display the order data from the SAP system directly on the back of the hand of the tugger train driver. Your employee can therefore work without restrictions and accelerate the process.

Scenario 4: Evolved Inventory

During a classic inventory, your employees repeatedly reach for the items in order to be able to scan them. A wearable can save an enormous amount of time, as unnecessary gripping times are eliminated.

Furthermore, your employees are relieved, since the constant lifting of the goods is no longer necessary. Since the number of pallets, HU numbers, the storage location and the number of HUs included are transferred directly to the SAP system via the mobile SAP WM and EWM apps, there is no loss of data and process reliability is guaranteed.

Scenario 5: Simplified maintenance

The wearables are also used to advantage when it comes to maintenance. By quickly scanning the error codes that occur on the machines, they can be easily transferred to the system and read out on site using the mobile SAP apps integrated in the wearable scanners.

Manual documentation on paper is therefore no longer necessary.

FlexMobile: Mobile Solutions

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Unbeatable together – partner and manufacturer of wearable scanners

NIMMSTA HS 50: First wearable scanner with touch display

With its HS 50 model, NIMMSTA has released the first wearable scanner with a touch display. It is ergonomic, modular and interactive and can be implemented quickly and easily in your existing SAP system together with the mobile SAP Flexus solutions.

At 45 grams, it is a lightweight among the wearable scanners and manages up to 6000 scan cycles and four scans per second with one battery charge. In addition, the NIMMSTA HS 50 has a unique, freely configurable paperwhite touch display that optimizes the workflow and lets your employees work in the classic look and feel of your company. Your employees receive visual, haptic and acoustic feedback directly and in real time on the back of their hands during order picking, inventory or packaging. Thanks to the NIMMSTA solution, your efficiency increases by up to 40% because errors are reduced enormously.

Proglove: Smallest wearable display scanner

ProGlove produces the smallest wearable scanner on the market, making it suitable for a variety of use cases. The scanner module is also available in different versions depending on the area of application. The mobile SAP apps are displayed on a non-reflective E-Ink display through the MARK display of the ProGloves directly on the back of the hand, which intuitively guides your employee through the processes.

In combination with haptic, acoustic and optical feedback, errors are minimized many times over. Up to six seconds of working time can be saved per scan, and the battery capacity is designed for around 6000 scans. Due to the low weight, your employees can save up to one and a half tons of lifting load per shift compared to conventional handhelds. So ProGlove provides you with a perfect wearable scanning solution for your unique operational challenges.

The perfect match

Wearable scanner and TheFlex mobile browser for SAP

The new TheFlex mobile browser for SAP is an innovative add-on solution specifically for logistics and production. The direct integration of the wearable scanner was therefore created as a special interface.

With the Plug&Play function, your wearables with and without touch can be connected quickly and easily. An additional MDE or mobile phone is only required in exceptional cases for menu changes or error processing.