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How the switch to Android devices works in logistics

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How the switch to Android devices works in logistics

A changeover is often prompted by optimization projects in SAP logistics, in the course of which investments are made in new hardware. Since Windows Mobile support is being phased out, the switch should be made to MDEs with Android as the operating system, if only for security reasons. This is because the latest Android devices from hardware manufacturers in logistics are kept up to date.

New Android hardware with more technical features and faster performance

The new end devices also have new technical functions that provide better benefits for the apps. For example, cameras for images / video capture, displays for signature function or RFID / NFC read / write functions can be integrated.


Continue to use existing mobile SAP developments smartly


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Step 1: Create modern layout for the new Android devices

Quickly introduce a new solution or migrate the current one with Flexus Layout Designer

  • New Android handhelds mostly have higher resolution than older Windows devices. In addition, the screen ratio is often different as well. This challenge for the migration can be solved quickly with the Flexus Layout Designer.
  • If SAP ITSmobile is already in use, then the existing functions can be adapted with the scaling function. Thus, the designs are adapted to the new resolution at the push of a button.
  • If Telnet / SAPConsole solutions are still in use, then a generation of the ITSmobile templates is necessary beforehand. Afterwards the simple adaptation takes place as described.
  • With the Flexus Layoutdesigner you can furthermore:
    • Adjust color design
    • Change sizes
    • Create company templates
    • Integrate pictograms/icons
  • The goal: modern SAP app design with modern handheld devices via drag&drop editor.

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Step 2: Link app & handheld with industry browser meaningfully for live operation

Depending on the application (ITSmobile or SAP Fiori), the mobile application is a browser-based solution.

On the Android devices, this is combined with an industry browser app in live operation.

On the part of Flexus, we recommend the Flexus Mobile Browser for this, which is specialized in mobile SAP applications.This enables practical use in daily work:

  • The so-called kiosk mode of the Flexus Mobile Browser, for example, enables restricted access to the app. This means: Switch on the device and get the SAP login screen as start screen.
  • Within the application, the correct keyboard is displayed context-sensitively (digits only or alphanumeric)
  • In addition, the browser maintains the connection to the SAP system.
  • Furthermore, this also allows the complete use of the handheld/tablet screen by completely hiding head and foot targets.
  • Global deployment and management of the solution is enabled in combination with device management tools. Settings for the devices can be managed centrally and then distributed to the devices.

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Step 3: Opportunity for new features / new apps - capture photos, signatures, voice output

With the use of new hardware, the use of new apps is also possible.

With this, existing Flexus Apps from the FLX-Mobil solution can be accessed or new solutions can be created. Especially the photo function in the incoming goods department for damage documentation or the mobile loading control with recording of successfully loaded goods and load securing are interesting additional possibilities.

Through the touch displays of the Android devices, signatures can be easily captured during inventory or internal confirmation when goods have been successfully transported. In addition, drawings / graphics can thus be displayed in the app.

Advantages of switching to Android:

  • Modern hardware
  • Modern software / layout
  • High employee acceptance
  • Process improvements through new functions


All relevant elements from technical consulting to implementation from a single source at Flexus.

Author- Tobias Heubeck
Author- Tobias HeubeckHead of Sales and Marketing

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