FlexYard Management for SAP

Optimized yard
and plant logistics

What is FlexYard Management for SAP®?

FlexYard Management for SAP® is Flexus AG’s most comprehensive solution for managing your yard. It covers all yard processes and can be individually adapted to your requirements and wishes.

Who is FlexYard Management for SAP® intended for?

Medium & Large Yards

Medium to high degree of individualization

Simple to complex processes

What processes does FlexYard Management for SAP® offer?

The fully comprehensive solution of Flexus covers all yard processes from notification to gate allocation to checkout!

Which functions does FlexYard Management for SAP® offer?

With multiple, customizable and expandable features, FlexYard Management adapts to any situation and any yard!

  • Identity Provider
  • Mobile applications
  • User-friendly terminal dialogs
  • Exception Handling
  • Automated task setting
  • Automated ramp planning
  • Interactive 2D & 3D display
  • Resource planning
  • Real time localization of vehicles
  • Gate transaction

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Your advantages of FlexYard Management for SAP

In addition to minimizing risks, a yard management system like FlexYard Management for SAP brings many decisive advantages!

  • Flexible adjustment
  • High usability
  • Simple & central disposition control
  • Integration of external hardware
  • Process integration in EWM
  • IoT capability
  • Multilingual operation
  • Live tracking of the motion data
  • CO2 savings through optimized truck traffic
  • Complete documentation
  • Competent, individual support
  • Individual process optimization
  • Full integration with SAP
  • Full connection to the FlexGuide
  • Fast, uncomplicated introduction
  • Extensive automation
  • Listing of all expected and registered transports
  • Reduction of waiting and residence times
  • Saving resources through paperless processes

Rely on experience and expertise

Our customers include small and medium-sized companies as well as global players. In every project we face new challenges and requirements. Our goal: A tailor-made solution for your concerns.