Optimize your SAP goods receipt and goods issue table processes with SAP

During goods receipt, the products arrive at the company. The recipient must check whether the received products match the ordered products and whether they are complete. In case of deviation, the delivery quantities must be adjusted and corrected. The delivered products get repacked into load carriers intended for the warehouse and then labeled. Packing specifications can also be defined, which specify in which quantities, with which packing material and in which sequence the products are packed. Fully registered and packed products are put into storage. The assignment of the storage bins is made according to different strategies in order to determine the best physical storage bin. The determination is based on various criteria such as the ABC classification, the properties of the product (weight, size, etc.) or the capacities of the warehouse.

Mobile data collection for SAP - SAP goods receipt and goods issue tables

Shipping processes from picking to labeling

Mobile maintenance with packing tables for goods receipt and goods issue in SAP

Shipping tasks, or goods issue, include the commissioning, also called picking, the packing of the products, the printing of accompanying documents, the labeling of the packages as well as the shipping. If the number of shipment packages increases, the shipping processes must be aligned seamlessly with each other. A meaningful support here is a packing table which supports and relieves employees in their daily tasks by providing the necessary functions. The employee is guided through the steps of the process such as packing, weighing, label printing and goods issue posting by an intuitive and user-friendly dialog. As a result, shipping processes can be made more efficient and safe. This can also help to increase the output rate and reduce the error rate.

Solutions in the SAP EWM standard

SAP Extended Warehouse Management offers a variety of SAP desktop transactions and Fiori apps for the packing processes. The SAP desktop transactions cover the full functionality. For the various functions, different screens and transactions are provided which are divided into several screen areas. These applications look overloaded and confusing to many users. Switching between these applications is necessary to take advantage of all the functions. The SAP Fiori app has a clear design, but covers the shipping process only with limited functionalities. Useful information such as delivery texts or address data of the recipient is not displayed and functions such as changing the package dimensions are not available. Both applications are designed for keyboard and mouse processing. A strictly scan-based process is not supported.

Add-ons of Flexus AG

As an extension to the standard, Flexus AG offers packing table solutions for goods receipt and goods issue in EWM based on SAP Fiori. The functions of the SAP standard are fully integrated in it and are supplemented by practice-oriented extensions. The basic functions of packing and repacking are complemented by extended functionalities for label printing, packing specifications as well as dangerous goods and delivery text display. Subsequent processes such as goods receipt and goods issue postings or the creation of warehouse tasks can be triggered directly by the packing table.

Mobile data collection for SAP - goods receipt at the SAP packing table
Mobile data collection for SAP - shipping at the packing table

Mobile application in the SAP goods receipt and goods issue table process

The entire packing process can be mapped simply by scanning barcodes, eliminating the need for manual input or operation. Yet, classic operation by means of inputs and buttons is also possible. This means that different operating concepts can be implemented depending on local and technical conditions. With the innovative and intuitive dialog navigation, the employees are supported and relieved in their daily work. The solution by Flexus AG can be used device-independently. Optimized versions are provided for desktop PCs and tablets on the one hand and handhelds and smartphones on the other hand in order to guarantee a smooth workflow.

Mobile data collection for SAP - mobile use of SAP apps at the packing table


With the Flexus SAP packing table for goods receipt and goods issue, companies can optimize their processes in several aspects. Processes can be accelerated and simplified by the modern and intuitive user interface and the optimized and automated handling. Since all relevant data is displayed at a glance and the dialog flow is guided, error rates are reduced. The solutions are undergoing continuous development and are being extended to include new innovative functions. This serves long-term use and future-proofing, something that you will also benefit from.

Author – Roland Fakesch

SAP WM and EWM consultant

Working at Flexus, he provides consulting services for customers in the scope of mobile solutions under SAP WM and SAP EWM. Within this context, he implements projects and advises customers in individual process optimization.