permanent transparency and efficiency with yard management for SAP

Efficient logistical processes on and in front of the plant premises pose a major challenge for companies. Delayed trucks mess up the actual planning in commissioning, and waiting trucks block entrances and exits or require parking spaces that are not available. The resources involved in logistics processes need to be scheduled and checked for fulfillment. Delayed trucks spoil the actual planning in order picking, waiting trucks block entrances and exits or require parking areas that are not available. These and a number of other problems in the field of Yard and Ramp Management can be resolved with the help of SAP-based Flexus applications in order to make the in-plant logistics more efficient.

Utilize the advantages of the transport guidance system for your yard logistics

All internal goods movements are mapped and transports are appropriately assigned based on a comprehensive transport control for SAP via the so-called Flexus Transport Guidance System. Yard Management represents an extension of this control system and it integrates, as an addition, external vehicles and means of transportation. With the RouteOptimizer, nodes are defined on the premises of the customer. These nodes can be approached by trucks. By combining the Transport Guidance System with Yard Management, the entire logistics process is planned and mapped holistically. This saves time and costs.

Flexus yard management – plant logistics 2.0

As illustrated in this figure, Flexus Yard Management can be used to map and control the various areas of Yard Logistics. As a result, disruptions or malfunctions are quickly identified and resolved. Costs are therefore minimized, and the quality and productivity of the complete Yard Logistics are increased.

The solutions are not strictly limited to Warehouse Management but can, through Customizing, service all companies that have inbound and outbound operations. The respective customer requirements and preferences can therefore be implemented by using pre-configured SAP-based profiles.

Integrate Flexus yard management into your existing SAP system

Furthermore, since this is a standalone solution in the SAP environment, you are not restricted to processes and functionalities in SAP WM or SAP EWM. Processes from MM, PP and EAM can be integrated, but also processes for recycling centers, CEP service providers and craft businesses can be mapped, which cannot be realized with classic SAP modules. For this purpose, the solution can be used as a standard two-system landscape or a cloud-based solution. The latter can additionally be supported by an additional cloud via IDP in order to integrate an additional user management. As an enhancement and optimization, the Flexus Yard solution also significantly improves the SAP YARD Logitics 2.0 solution.

the flex. – intuitive and functional

Mobile data capture for SAP - theflex mobile browser for SAP

The included Flexus Mobile Browser, which can be used online and offline, supports sign-in and sign-out via barcode at the gate and ramp as well as signatures and photographs. The Flexus Mobile Browser can also be extended to include your customer-specific preferences, such as your own branding. With the introduction of the apps, debugging and tracing are included as well, in order to detect and eliminate potentially occurring errors already in the start-up phase. Your requirements can be quickly implemented and introduced because fully developed interfaces are already available for many systems such as tablets, pagers, terminals or apps. Furthermore, the front ends can be configured according to customer requirements, for example with SAP-Fiori for apps or JMC for terminals.

National and international ad hoc roll outs

It is also possible to roll out the systems using templates, which means that the new software programs can be implemented and used at individual locations on a practically ad hoc basis. In combination with the Flexus Translation Tool, the entire process can be transformed quickly into other languages. This makes international roll-outs feasible. As a result of the simple relationship of the required apps, preferably via Google Play or the Apple Store, not only plant-internal employees but also external forwarding agents can be provided with the necessary applications to achieve an efficient turnaround time of the trucks.

Why Flexus Yard Management for SAP?

With Flexus Yard Management, in summary, all logistics processes can be controlled efficiently and holistically, both in front of and on the factory premises. By integration of the SAP solutions, a considerable amount of time is saved in commissioning and inbound or outbound delivery, as well as in the coordination on the plant premises. This minimizes costs.

Julian Lother from Flexus AG

Author – Julian Lother

Teamlead Yard Management

Working at Flexus, he successfully implements projects in the field of Yard Management. As a consultant in this field, he optimizes the entire process of Yard and Ramp Logistics with SAP solutions by Flexus!