Flexus Layoutdesigner for mobile SAP EWM Apps

Use the free tool to optimize your framework

Design-Tuning for mobile SAP EWM-Apps- with the Flexus Layoutdesigner for SAP EWM RFUI

With the Flexus Layout Designer for SAP EWM you adapt your SAP EWM RFUI dialogs perfectly to your used devices.

Nice, user-oriented, easy to use

The screens can be scaled and adapted to different mobile handhelds with different operating systems and resolutions, but also to forklift terminals with just a few clicks.

The existing SAP EWM technology for mobile applications - ITSmobile - is accessed. The layoutdesigner uses this in the background.


Use existing Flexus templates for SAP EWM!

With the Flexus Layout Designer we deliver directly usable standard templates for the SAP EWM RFUI transaction.

You want to customize the dialogs yourself?

The dialogs can be designed in the graphic designer by drag & drop. Font sizes, positions of elements on the screen and coloring can be adjusted in the SAP EWM layout designer with a single click. The mobile transactions are controlled as usual in SAP standard with SAP EWM RFUI.

Save company design as template!

Use already customized designs or create your own designs via drag & drop. A template (color scheme, element sizes) can be created for your corporate design and used as a template for all further dialogs.

New device with different solution, what now?

If you switch to other devices or if you use a new device type in your company, different screen resolutions / aspect ratios are often used.
Depending on the solution, the application scales automatically. Often the screen must be adjusted to achieve an optimal design. In the layout designer the resolution can be changed with one click, all screen elements are adjusted to the new resolution.
This means minimal effort for the commissioning of new end devices.

You are in your SAP EWM implementation project or already use SAP EWM with RFUI?
Feel free to contact us!

Our specialists will be happy to advise you.

We are looking forward to the mutual exchange.

What does the switch to devices with Android as operating system mean?

Here it behaves in the long run similarly. Compared to Windows Mobile/Windows CE devices, Android devices usually have a higher resolution and more technical options. You can simply scale the templates in the layout designer to the new size and use the existing application on the new devices.
There are a few small, but crucial differences, of course. Which browser is used for Android? How are photo functions, etc. supported? Which is the appropriate handheld?


These questions will be answered personally in the following.

Can only SAP EWM RFUI dialogs, SAP LM standard transactions be customized or also custom developed apps?

The layout designer can be used for all mobile apps. SAP standard as well as self-developed apps can be created and adapted with the Designer. Also Flexus uses the designer for the more than 200 ready for use mobile apps of the FLX-Mobile framework.

Advantages of the layout designer at a glance:

Adaptation of SAP EWM RF transactions into a modern interface

Create designs for different hardware types (handhelds/stacker terminals)
Drag&Drop Editor for different fonts/sizes/colors
Deposit of own corporate design templates of your company
Use for mobile SAP standard apps
Use for self developed apps (mobile "z-transactions")
Applicable with, as well as without Flexus FLX-Mobile Framework for SAP
Use with SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA

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