The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified the “FlexGuide – The Transport / Forklift Control System for Intralogistics” for integration with SAP S/4HANA.

The high process-technical as well as information-technical requirements that SAP customers place on SAP partners are also the focus of Würzburg-based Flexus AG. For over 25 years, Flexus AG has been developing innovative applications in the field of SAP intralogistics, which are implemented directly in SAP. This long experience pays off: The FlexGuide transport/forklift control system, which has been established for many years, has now also been certified by SAP for SAP S/4HANA.

SAP Premium Certified Integration with SAP Applications

The SAP ICC certificates are considered SAP’s official seal of approval and show the customer at a glance that the FlexGuide can be seamlessly integrated into the existing SAP landscape. For the customer, SAP Premium Certified Integration with SAP Applications means, among other things, a secure and robust solution that meets SAP’s high quality and security standards. This simplifies the customer’s investment decision and ensures long-term trust in the SAP add-on.

The Flexus transport control system includes modules such as forklift control system, tugger train control, mobile SAP Fiori apps and the connection for driverless transport systems for holistic logistics optimisation.

All modules have successfully passed the certification (“SAP Premium Certified Integration with SAP Applications”). Special attention was paid to the analysis of performance and platform neutrality, which means that the FlexGuide can run on the operating systems and databases supported by SAP and does not contain any platform-specific components. With its focus on SAP S/4HANA, the FlexGuide represents a future-proof and individually expandable solution that can also meet future challenges.

Information on the solution

Optimised transport order allocation through the FlexGuide transport/forklift control system for SAPForklifts
Forklifts and other vehicles are used in a wide variety of areas of a company, but these resources are often not controlled centrally and drive on demand. The consequences are many empty runs, an inefficient use of the fleet as well as a potential danger for the employees. With the FlexGuide, customers receive a simple, transparent and SAP-certified solution for controlling the forklift fleet and other resources. This holistic approach ensures cross-departmental control and route optimisation of the material flow. This holistic approach ensures cross-departmental control and route optimisation of the material flow. With the innovative Virtual Logistics add-on, it is also possible to visualise the live situation in real time and 3D.

For an optimal use of resources, the FlexGuide is directly integrated into SAP. The required data is accessed directly via SAP. Thus, neither middleware nor external interfaces are necessary. Optimisation as an add-on for SAP ®MM, WM, EWM, PP, SD is also possible.

Flexus solutions for forklifts, tugger train control, automated guided vehicles and SAP Fiori were certified as special highlights of the FlexGuide. Thus, with the possibility of vehicle/forklift location, the FlexGuide offers an instrument for the control of the entire internal transports: real-time data and the interaction with SAP thus ®enable scan-free and efficient warehouse processes.

Tugger trains and their controls are also integrated in the FlexGuide.
Transport routes can thus be shortened, as the system calculates the most sensible routes.

In recent years, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) have also increasingly found their way into logistics and are therefore also mapped in the FlexGuide. They are already replacing conventional resources such as forklifts and tugger trains in practice and in planning.

Thanks to the FlexGuide IT integration into the existing SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANAis no longer a problem. Another highlight of the FlexGuide are the SAP Fiori Apps, which make it possible to use SAP ERP transactions independent of the device (desktop PC, mobile phone, tablet, MDE with Android).

Through the interaction with SAP, the FlexGuide transport / forklift control system ensures, among other things, improved traceability of the flow of goods, higher utilisation of the forklift fleet, dynamic control of tugger trains and high usability through simplified design and system logic.