flexrules. for SAP

Automatic control of your data and processes

FlexRules for SAP

There is faulty data in every system: From incorrectly maintained master data to incorrect transaction data to missing process data, there is hardly a system in which this never occurs. Sometimes this erroneous data is immediately noticeable, but most of the time it remains undetected until a process fails.

With Flexus Predictive Support, any FlexRules can be created with which you can permanently monitor data and processes. Whenever certain data is not available or incorrect, you can define actions. These actions range from messages via email, Slack or Microsoft Teams to calling ABAP function modules.

With hundreds of FlexRules already created and the ability to create as many of your own as you like, you have the ability to spot problems before they happen and be actively notified before they cause process and production downtime.

Functional overviewFlexRules for your SAP system

Direct integration in SAP

Detection of incorrect and erroneous data

Direct triggering of any actions

Simple Fiori interface for key users

Sending emails, Microsoft Teams messages, SMS etc.

Historization of customizing settings

Constant, automatic monitoring of all data & processes

Support for all modules and own developments

The perfect match

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What are FlexRules?

FlexRules can calculate KPIs, check data and trigger actions – completely automated at any interval.

Read in and filter any data

  • SAP tables (WM, EWM, MM, etc.)
  • Flexus tables (driving orders, optimisations, etc.)
  • Z-tables and own developments

Calculate and filter KPIs

  • Sum, maximum, minimum, etc.
  • Workloads, progress, etc.

Perform actions

  • Email, SMS, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.
  • Webhooks, Splunk, PowerBI
  • ABAP function modules

Data errors cause problems in your process?

In our more than 27 years of experience with the implementation, operation and support of SAP applications, one criterion in particular has been crucial to the success of the projects – the quality of the data!

For this reason, we have developed a tool to automatically and permanently monitor all relevant data – FlexRules for SAP!

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Control and monitor your data and processes automatically

Avoid problems and disruptions caused by faulty data!

Faulty data exists in every SAP system. Be it due to manual input errors, stopped processes or incorrect customising. Given the complexity and size of today’s ERP systems, data errors or missing data can hardly be avoided.

Sometimes the problems are caught in subsequent processes and, in the best case, automatically corrected. Most of the time, however, data errors lead to stopped processes, incorrect evaluations or incomprehensible error messages. Subsequently, the errors have to be searched for and corrected at great expense.

Monitor your data and processes with flexrules.

In an SAP Fiori interface, FlexRules can be created that can read, filter and process data, calculate KPIs, compare and ultimately trigger any actions. These FlexRules are scheduled to run regularly.

We provide you with a standard set of hundreds of FlexRules to catch the most common data errors. Of course, you can always create your own FlexRules which are relevant for your internal processes.

You decide, depending on the situation and process, which actions are carried out, e.g. emails, Microsoft Teams messages or calls to webhooks, and at which thresholds they are triggered.

Your advantages of the FlexRules

Fast reaction time

No data leaves the system

Share data with other systems

Suitable for all SAP data & processes

Data transparency in real time

Additional flexrules. without effort

How do business rules help me with problems?

Several factors are necessary for successful data monitoring: There must be a continuous search for deviations and errors. In the event of problems, actions must be triggered directly without delay.

In addition, it is important that all data monitoring is flexible enough to be suitable for all data, processes and companies, and can also be quickly adapted without code.

All data and processes in one system

Our FlexRules Engine supports all types of data in your SAP system. No matter if SAP EWM, SAP WM, SAP PP or other modules. All areas of SAP and even customer-specific developments or extensions from partners can be used.

Constant and automatic monitoring of your processes

Business rules can be executed whenever you want. A user-friendly scheduler interface allows you to select days, timestamps and intervals. By running constantly and automatically in the background, your data is monitored at all times.

Compare calculations and KPIs

Without code and in a few seconds, simple KPIs can be calculated, saved and compared. Based on this, you can trigger further actions.

Take immediate action

With the help of ready-made notification elements and connectors, actions can be executed directly so that problems and discrepancies are resolved immediately. Be it notifications to Microsoft Teams, Slack and email, the execution of webhooks and ABAP calls or the handover to other systems such as Splunk or PowerBI: almost all scenarios are supported.

Test it yourself!

Supporting functionalities of your FlexRules

  • Historize all current customising settings.
  • Compare current settings with those of yesterday, last week and last year.
  • Create graphical reports with BarCharts, heatmaps and tables for FlexRules results.
  • Define security settings that say which tables may be read & where data is sent.

Independently create new FlexRules

Module / AreaApplication exampleAction
SAP EWMAre there too many / too few open storage tasks in the picking queues?
→ If yes, then send an email to the camp director.
Yard ManagementIs a truck already waiting too long for an entry permit?
→ Send a message to the control centre so that this can be dealt with.
Tugger train controlAre faulty trailer schemes stored?
→ Without this master data, the tugger trains cannot be optimised. Master data is adjusted in SAP.
FIHas a booking for amount X been approved for the weekend?
→ Log this booking in Splunk.
SAP MMWas there a change in the material master during the project implementation / hyper-care phase?
→ If so, log this change in Slack.
Z-TablesRoute all data whose maximum grouped by column X is less than 20% to PowerBI so that it can be examined more closely there.

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