What is intralogistics?

The term intralogistics includes all flows of materials and goods that take place inside the company premises. As a result, transports outside the company premises are excluded from the term intralogistics. By the introduction of this term a clear distinction is made towards external logistic processes. In other words, intralogistics describes the control, handling and planning of the internal flow of goods.

Where does intralogistics come into play – definition of the term

The intralogistics of a company comes into play whenever a supply of materials, for example, has reached the company’s premises. This is the process that the material now goes through on the factory premises: from production to storage to order picking, all of which takes place in the sense of intralogistics. Once the product has been picked up again by a supplier and is being transported, then this is no longer a part that is associated with intralogistics. Such transportation belongs to the term logistics.

Which fields are covered by intralogistics?

SAP intralogistics with numerous networked resources

The fields of intralogistics include all types of transportation within the processes between the start – the Goods Receipt – and the end – the Goods Issue. This means that the flow of goods within the company is also included. Beyond that, a wide variety of storage and conveyor systems are also included Beyond that, a wide variety of storage and conveyor systems are also included. The picking of goods and warehouse management are also important aspects of the intralogistics of any company.

  • Goods Receipt (GR) and Goods Issue (GI)
  • Warehouse systems/ warehouse management
  • Order picking
  • Telematics, sensors and robotics
  • Production
  • Shipping

Meaning in intralogistics

The meaning and distinction of intralogistics is of particular importance for companies in production. There is a lot of activity going on within these facilities. This requires smooth workflows in order to save time and money.

With several interfaces to other corporate divisions, it is obvious that intralogistics is an extremely important sector. The activities of intralogistics are therefore also characterized by constant optimization.