Handheld computers improve the internal flow of goods

The term intralogistics refers to the organization and handling of all internal flows of materials. Companies in Industry and Commerce handle these processes aided by modern technology. Handheld computers play a key role in this regard.

What is a handheld computer?

Handheld in use in SAP logistics

A handheld computer is essentially a mobile electronic device that can be used with many different application scenarios. The name “handheld” refers to the fact that these devices are usually relatively small and lightweight, enabling single-handed operation.

The term handheld computers in intralogistics usually refers to handheld scanners that can be used to transfer various work steps in in-house logistics directly to a related ERP system and to simplify data entry. The compact handhelds fit comfortably in the hand and make it possible to scan and enter data in real time. The rugged mini-computers can be used both in production and in warehouses or shipping departments.

Optimization of intralogistics with handheld computers

Warehouse management, picking, material flow control or material transport: all these systems are controlled with the help of modern barcode solutions. All information about an item or production component is stored within a code. Handheld computers are often used as scanners for mobile data entry in the warehouse. All information about an item or production component is stored within a code. High-performance computers are able to transfer the collected information from the warehouse to the company’s internal ERP system within seconds. The following data is usually collected with handhelds:

  • Time of goods receipt
  • Time of goods issue
  • Editor
  • Location and time of packing process
  • Location of storage and removal