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Transparency for AGVs

Optimized, efficient and transparent: The material flow in the warehouse, production and shipping logistics of KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH has been significantly accelerated and optimized with mobile solutions FlexMobile. In addition to paperless mobile booking of all goods movements, the FlexGuide transport control system has created further perspectives for optimizing intralogistics.

The approximately 1,000 daily driving jobs are coordinated with the help of FlexGuide, which controls all types of vehicles including route trains and driverless transport systems. The three AGVs play a special role at KNOLL. They move in parallel operation and in the same hall areas as the forklifts and tugger trains. Your current positions are permanently recorded and displayed in a 2D cockpit. Based on this live tracking, the driving jobs are optimized individually by the FlexGuide.

Find out in our reference report with our customer KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH how they optimized and made transparent all processes of their intralogistics with FlexMobile and FlexGuide and how they were able to streamline the internal traffic significantly. In addition, this means that reliable key figures are now available, enabling us to make reliable forecasts and schedule commitments.

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